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An exciting travel tour can be quickly dampened by a frustrating hotel stay. It gets worse if you’re on a prolonged trip, but having the know-how to turn things around can transform your stay into a luxurious one. Drawn from the deliberations of seasoned travelers on a popular online travel forum, this compilation of tried-and-true tips will improve your stay if you ever check into a modest hotel.

Book Extended Stay Hotels

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Extended-stay hotels are the epitome of convenience and cost-effectiveness. They aim to give you the feeling of home away from home. Several respondents on the thread say in-room kitchenettes are one feature that makes extended-stay hotels worth booking, since you don’t have to spend so much eating out.

Get Cooking Utensils

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If you’re on an itinerary you’d like to stick to while on a staycation or intend to save more on food, one travel blogger suggests you buy portable cooking utensils to make your own meals. “With a microwavable saucepan, some reusable cutlery, an electric skillet, a lightweight toaster, and a small travel kettle, you can bring the dining experience of home even when you’re miles away.”

Use Rewards Credit Cards

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According to one vacationer, paying with a rewards credit card lets you earn points you can convert to cash. “Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card gift points. I buy groceries with it while on the move. Sometimes I redeem them for meals and night stays,” he says.

Ask About Upgrades

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Another globetrotter explains that if you ask politely, you could get an upgrade just before you check into your reserved room. “Some hotels may offer you a better room than the one you booked for a lower price or switch your room to an improved one.” Someone else says asking about upgrades helps when you’re a returning customer, but warns, “It could sound weird if you’re not.”

Early Check-in, Late Check-out

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Some travelers agree that early check-in and late check-out requests double the fun when on a staycation. “It’s called hospitality for a reason,” someone says. “Your choice hotel must be able to accommodate early check-in and late check-out. I look forward to that every time I am on a long stay,” he concludes.

Hang the “Do Not Disturb” Sign

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You can hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign outside your door to enjoy some peace as the sign wards off room services and unexpected guests. “Sometimes, I just want to be messy or need time alone with myself. DND does it for me,” a business traveler discloses.

Establish a Rapport with Hotel Staff

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Friendliness with hotel staff makes it easier to have them share helpful tips, say many backpackers. “They can provide you with insider tips for a more enjoyable and luxurious stay,” one respondent says. Someone else notes that other than being helpful with tips for a luxurious stay, hotel staff can be your tour guides if you’re exploring new terrain.

Inform Management of Special Occasions

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Hotels may have complimentary packages for guests who are celebrating a special occasion during their stay. “You could be given an upgrade, a cake, a bottle of champagne, or something worth it,” if you let them know it’s a special occasion, one individual claims. “I had a free spa session at the Mariott during our wedding anniversary,” a second person agrees.

Take Advantage of Hotel Amenities

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Many people do not use hotel amenities, but they are available during the guest’s time at the hotel, says a commenter on the thread. Another member adds that hotels provide toiletries, TVs with cables, WiFi, airport shuttles, bathrobes, free bike options, and gyms that are geared to turning your stay into a luxurious experience.

Explore Local Food

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Trying local foods is part of being on the road, and several people say it’s the one thing you need to transform your stay into a plush one. “Instead of sticking to familiar meals, local foods can do the magic. Ask the hotel chef if you can have them. It’s the part I look forward to when on an extended stay,” another traveler says.

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