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Times are changing quickly, especially when it comes to finding a job or taking the next big step in your life. A couple of decades ago, it was considered unusual or uncommon for someone to want a life for themselves that wasn’t marriage, kids, a nine-to-five job, and a house with a white picket fence. Well-meaning advice can quickly become ineffective, especially when applying for jobs or taking the next big step in life. As such, some younger people have become increasingly frustrated with outdated advice from older folks who haven’t had to apply for a new job in years or even decades. What do you think about these tips millennials have received from boomers?

1. Apply for Jobs in Person Instead of Online

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Several people shared advice they received where they were told to show up in person and demand a job or to “go out and pound the pavement.” Many older folks also believe that looking for jobs all day online is a waste of time. Unfortunately, unless you’re applying to a restaurant, most jobs don’t want you to show up in person and prefer receiving an online application.

2. Be Grateful and Stop Being Entitled

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Due to inflation, work demands, and other factors, life has become a lot more difficult for people, financially and otherwise. Still, many older people believe millennials are lazy and entitled and should be grateful for their opportunities. The truth of the matter is that many people have to work multiple jobs just to put food on their table, and people struggle to pay their rent even with a full-time job.

3. Uphold Gender Roles to Find/Keep a Spouse

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Without broaching the topic of gender too intimately, there are plenty of people who feel that men should be the provider and women should be the homemaker and bear the children. While this may work for some families, this view of gender roles has become outdated and isn’t for everyone.

4. Work Hard To Climb the Ladder

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Years ago, working hard and displaying your loyalty to a job may have been an excellent way to prove yourself and get ahead. Unfortunately, in today’s world, working harder isn’t a proven way to get ahead in a job or to improve your life financially.

5. You Need Further Education To Be Successful

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Many people who had the opportunity to go to grad school or get their master’s degree when an education was much more affordable believe this is the only way to be successful. Unfortunately, many jobs require high-level degrees that don’t compensate well, and further education is now costly.

6. You’ll Change Your Mind About Kids

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It is hard for some older people to accept that many millennials do not want children, whether for financial or other personal reasons. Numerous times throughout my life, people have told me that I will change my mind about not wanting children, and others have shared similar stories where their family, friends, or even co-workers insist that they will one day want children.

7. Join the Army and Provide for Your Family

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It is not unexpected to hear veterans or army recruiters encouraging young people to join the army to get an education and provide for their families. While this may be a workable route for some, joining the army or any military service is a big decision that should not be rushed. There are plenty of ways a person can provide for their family or receive an education, and joining the army isn’t the only way.

8. Refuse To Take No for an Answer

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Parents often tell you that you should get a job by being persistent. For example, my parents said that if I kept calling or emailing and refused to take no for an answer, I’d be able to prove my worth and get a job. Nowadays, this would be considered harassment and would likely disqualify me from the opportunity. At the very least, this attitude is not often rewarded in the competitive job market.

9. Marry Within Your Own Culture/Religion

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Many people grow up and want to sustain their culture or religious beliefs in any way possible, including marrying someone who shares their belief system. This has become an outdated belief and is often considered offensive, especially if one insists that their child or family member cannot possibly build a life with someone outside of their race or religion. While some people may still hold this belief, most don’t share it as publicly.

10. Do Something You Love, and it Won’t Feel Like Work

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This may have been true several decades ago, but finding a job that doesn’t feel like work is nearly impossible. Even if you’re fortunate enough to pave your own path and start your own business or work in a field you enjoy, you’re still putting in long hours and often answering a boss’s demands.

11. Temp Agencies Can Sustain You Long-Term

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Although there may be some people who can sustain themselves on long-term temp work and enjoy bouncing around from gig to gig, this isn’t the norm. Many temp jobs don’t pay enough to sustain someone full-time long-term. Temp jobs are an excellent solution for people looking for short-term work between jobs or while you’re job hunting.

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