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There are always some risks when buying an item second-hand. However, some of the dangers are steeper than others and can end up costing you more than just money in the end. A poll in a popular online forum asked users to share things they would never purchase secondhand; here are some of the most popular answers.

1 – Safety Equipment

Safety equipment laying on a pile
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“Any safety equipment, really. If it’s something that needs to survive an impact, you want to know for 100% certain it’s still within the object’s usable lifetime and that it hasn’t been in an accident already (which tends to weaken them even if they don’t break),” someone suggested.

2 – Underwear

Lingerie shop with underwear hanging
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“Underwear at the thrift store is so expensive anyways, like why would I pay $1.99 for a used pair? I DO buy bras at thrift stores, though,” one user shared.

3 – Shoes

Racks of men's shoes
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“Most shoes. If they have minimal wear, it is ok, but every person walks a little differently. Walking in someone else’s wear pattern can do a number on your feet,” a person warned.

4 – Non-Stick Pans

Kitchen with pans hanging on wall
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“Honestly, I don’t even buy them new. I’ll keep my cast iron and stainless steel,” somebody stated.

5 – Soft Surfaces

Bed with tufted headboard and plant
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“For me, it’s highly used soft surfaces that cannot easily be cleaned—basically, a mattress, pillows, and a couch. Accent chairs, I’m ok getting second-hand from someone I know who isn’t a smoker,” someone shared.

6 – Dishes

Piles of dishes stacked up on table
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“Be very careful buying second-hand dishes. Lead-based paint used to be allowed and is still in second-hand circulation,” one user warned.

7 – Battery Electronics

Double AA batteries
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“Electronics that have a battery in them that cannot be easily replaced. Especially items that you use very often or depend on. These batteries deplete quickly, and since you can’t get a replacement for a reasonable price, you will often be left holding a paperweight,” a person shared.

8 – Tires

Man carrying tire in a tire shop
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“I stopped buying used tires. Flat tires are inconvenient, often expensive, and rob you of time. At times when you’re loaded to the gills in your car, getting to the spare is a huge process. Weather can make it horrible to change a tire. Being alongside the road is dangerous,” another user offered.

9 – Coffee Maker

Small coffee bar in personal kitchen with white cabinets
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“Coffee makers. I’ve heard people getting roaches from them. Also, the inside tank and tubes can mold,” a person shared.

10 – Car Seats

Carseat in a car
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A person said, “Baby and child car seats. Always buy new unless you know the person very well and can assure you the seat has never been in an accident. Also, car seats have expiration dates to be aware of on their side label.”

11 – Rugs

Beige rug on hardwood floor
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“I can’t bring myself to do rugs. I just feel like I will never get all of the other people’s funk cleaned from it, regardless of whether it’s home-steamed or professionally cleaned,” someone commented.

12 – Display Fridge

Rows of refrigerators in store
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“I’ll never buy a display fridge again, even if they are cheap. It was on display in the shop. Probably hundreds of people had already opened and shut the door. The sealing rubber started to crumble after just a couple of years,” a user mentioned.

13 – Tools of the Trade

Person using a table saw to cut a board
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Someone said, “Tools for your trade, possibly some tools, hand tools but equipment one uses to make money, ie. Skill Saw; me being a carpenter, l need a reliable one. If it falters, breaks, l lose money.”

14 – Older Lamps

Antique lamp on a side table next to a couch
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“Lamps that can’t be rewired to take CFLs because it’s a pain to find those old type bulbs,” a person shared.

15 – Massage Table

Massage table set up in room
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“Never would have thought about it until I saw one at my local Goodwill; massage tables,” someone warned.

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