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You apply the perfect face, head out the door for the day, and your makeup barely makes it a few hours; what do you do? Spritz on some makeup setting spray to refresh your makeup.

This amazing DIY makeup setting spray can hydrate your skin, keep your makeup in place, and stay fresh all day long…but it can get pricey. Let me show you how to save cash by making your own homemade makeup setting spray.

The Easiest DIY Setting Spray

You may use some expensive brands of makeup setting sprays, such as Mac Fix Plus or Urban Decay All Nighter. 

Or perhaps you even use an inexpensive brand like E.L.F. or another drugstore brand, which is great, but it can still add up.

Thankfully, it’s fast and easy to make it yourself for a just fraction of the price.

I’ll show you my original “recipe” using only 3 ingredients and an even cheaper option using only 2 ingredients for your DIY makeup setting spray so you can customize it to fit your budget.

Things You’ll Need to Make Your DIY Makeup Setting Spray

Before you get started, you’ll need a bottle to use. 

You have two options: you can either use a bottle you already have or purchase one.  In the video above, I reuse a bottle I already had because I like the way it is sprayed.

Feel free to do the same, but if you don’t have a bottle to use, you can pick up a nice (cheap) glass bottle like this.

A small funnel, while not required, will help avoid messes and make the process smoother.

A teaspoon measuring spoon, although you technically could eyeball it, if needed (it’s not an exact science), and a few napkins are all you’ll need for this quick DIY setting spray.

What is DIY Setting Spray Made of?


Once you have your supplies, you’ll need bottled or filtered water. 

I would suggest not using regular tap water for this since it will be going directly onto your skin.

Remember, your skin is your biggest organ, and you want to make sure you’re putting as few contaminants on it as possible! 

Try using distilled water or purified bottled water.

Rose Water

This ingredient is optional. 

I love it, so I include it, but it will slightly increase your cost, so if you’re on a super tight budget, feel free to omit it.

I like to add rose water to my DIY makeup setting spray, I feel like it adds a nice touch!  In case you’re not familiar with this fancy-sounding ingredient, let me explain…

Rose water is soothing, hydrating, and moisturizing. 

It can help reduce redness, has anti-inflammatory properties, and can even be used alone as a toner to clean and balance the skin. See why I love it so much? 

I purchased this 4 oz. bottle and was able to make about six bottles of makeup setting spray with it.

Vegetable Glycerin

The last ingredient you will need is vegetable glycerin. This is essential to your DIY makeup setting spray. 

This bottle will last you a long time, glycerin makes the magic happen. You may have tried glycerin makeup before, as many primers contain glycerin. 

Glycerin helps the makeup stick to it and remain intact for a longer period of time. Plus, it’s very moisturizing for your skin and will give your makeup a pretty, dewy finish.

Note: Using too much glycerin can make your skin look a bit oily, so use it sparingly and remember, you can always add more.

Once you have all your supplies ready, it’s time to get started.

How to Make Your Own Setting Spray

Ok, so if you’re ready to get started, I’ll show you how to make your own setting spray.  First, you’re going to fill your bottle halfway to two-thirds of the way full with your water.

Next, if you’re using rose water, add 3 tsp. 

I want to mention that you can definitely add more if you really like the feel of the rose water in your setting spray. 

I stick to about 3-4 tsp (to keep the cost down), but the amount is really up to you.

Lastly, grab your glycerin. Remember, start small with this ingredient and add more as needed. 

The first time I made this, I added way too much, and it felt a little greasy and heavy on the skin and had a very dewy look to it.

If you have oily skin or prefer a more matte look, then you want to stick with less glycerin in your spray. Start with 2 tsp (in a 4 oz. bottle) and work your way up from there.

That’s all there is to it. 

Put the cap on, shake, and spray.  I want to mention that I give it a little shake each time I use it just to make sure all the ingredients are well combined.

A Few More Things…

Let’s discuss a few options when deciding what kind of setting spray you want to make.

Looking for More Glow?

Another fun thing you can do is to add illuminating drops into your setting spray if you’re really looking for that super highlighted look.

Again, start small here so your face doesn’t look like a disco ball, but this is a great touch, especially for summer. 

Add a few drops, shake well, and test.  If it’s not the desired level of bling, go ahead and add some more.

How to Make Setting Spray More Fragrant?

If you prefer a different scent, you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your spray.  Be sure to use a good quality that is safe for your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Lavender oil is a good option.  Not only does it smell great, but it has a ton of benefits for your skin and body, in general.

I sometimes add a bit of tea tree oil to my makeup setting spray if my skin has been acting up. 

While it’s not the most favorable scent, it goes away in a few minutes after application and has great benefits for your skin, especially if you’re prone to acne.

How to Make Makeup Setting Spray Without Glycerin

If you have oily skin and need your setting spray to give your skin a more matte finish, then try this recipe instead of using all frugal drugstore ingredients.

  • 3 parts witch hazel
  • 2 parts aloe vera gel
  • 1 part rubbing alcohol

Double Duty for Your DIY Makeup Setting Spray

Sure, the main use for your DIY setting spray is to set your makeup once you’ve finished putting it on, but let me show you a few other uses, too, that I know you’ll love…

Lock in Your Look

Using your makeup setting spray multiple times throughout your makeup application process will help seal in your makeup each step of the way, ensuring your makeup will last all day…way to get your money’s worth!

Prime Your Face

Try using it right after you prep your skin as a primer. 

This works so well!  Spray your entire face and let it soak in for a few minutes, then apply your makeup as usual…I bet you’ll see a difference.

This is especially good if you struggle with your makeup disappearing just a few hours after you put it on (as I did). 

Remember, the glycerin helps the makeup stick to it, increasing its longevity.

You can even spray again after applying your foundation, essentially setting your makeup each step of the way.

Freshen Up

Lastly, try using your spray to freshen up and revitalize your makeup throughout the day instead of reapplying, which can be a waste of time and product.

With so many different uses for your setting spray, you can spray stress-free, knowing you’ve made it yourself and saved a bunch of money in the process.

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