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With inflation at its highest level in four decades, saving money by any means necessary is a high priority. Coupon apps are one way to ensure you are getting the best deal on every shopping trip, whether online or in-store.

No matter what products you are buying, there is often a coupon available to help you hold on to your hard-earned dollars. Even better, gone are the days of clipping paper coupons and dragging them with you from store to store. With a smartphone in your pocket, there’s an app (or apps) for that!

Here are some of the best coupon apps available to help you save money when you need it most.

The Best Coupon Apps for 2023

While there are dozens of coupon apps out there, some are better than others, and some only work for certain types of shopping. For example, some apps work exclusively at grocery stores, while others offer coupons for a wide array of retailers. In addition, some apps are set-and-forget apps, while with others, you have to browse and select coupon offers before shopping.

Everyone’s shopping habits are different, so what apps work best for you may not be the same as those that work for someone else. While you won’t be bringing in a windfall every month with these apps, you can realistically expect to save several hundred dollars over the course of the year.

Before we get into the details, here are some of our top picks for various categories.

  • Best Grocery Coupon App: Ibotta
  • Best for Online Shopping: Rakuten
  • Best for Restaurants: Dosh
  • Best App for Printable Coupons:
  • Best Automated Savings App: Honey

1. Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the oldest, largest, and best cashback apps, having paid out more than $2 billion to its 15 million members since 1999.

Rakuten allows you to earn up to 40% cashback on purchases at thousands of retailers, although the typical savings are 1-3%. They partner with many well-known brands such as Target, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Best Buy, and many more.

Sound too good to be true? Rakuten earns a commission for sending business to these retailers, and in return, they offer their members a portion of that as cashback. Once per quarter, Rakuten issues you a “Big Fat Check” via Paypal or paper check in the mail with your earnings.

Rakuten is also one of the best sign-up bonus apps, offering a generous $30 just for creating an account and making a qualifying purchase.

Note: Rakuten is one of my personal favorites apps to use for saving money and getting cashback because they pay you actual money, whereas many other apps only pay you in gift cards. I also love it because they will also pay you even more money to refer your friends and family!

How it Works: Download the Rakuten app and create a free account. When you shop through the app or use the Rakuten browser extension, you will be rewarded with cashback in your Rakuten account whenever you purchase with one of their many retailers.

How to Cash Out: Rakuten makes it easy to collect your earnings. You get paid via check or Paypal once per quarter and can check your balance and watch it grow.

Get a $30 Bonus (of real money) When You Join Rakuten and Spend $40

2. Honey

Honey is a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Opera that automatically scours the web for the best coupon codes available to apply to your shopping cart. Honey is a substantial time-saver over the traditional route of tediously searching for coupon codes online, only to type them in and find out they are expired or do not work.

According to their website, Honey members save an average of $126 per year at 30,000+ participating merchants. This app is a no-brainer if you do any online shopping at all, as it works in the background to save you money without needing any input from you.

How it Works: Install the Honey browser extension, sit back, and save money. Honey will automatically alert you to promo codes at the checkout page and apply them to your cart for instant savings.

How to Cash Out: Since the browser extension searches for and applies coupon codes, there is no balance to track or points to redeem. You save money on each order you place where Honey finds a valid coupon code.


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3. Dosh

The Dosh app offers over 10,000 places to get cashback and is one of the easiest apps to use. There are no receipts to scan or digital coupons to clip. Connect your credit or debit card to the app and shop your favorite stores and restaurants. You can earn up to 10% cashback, deposited directly into your Dosh wallet.

Unlike many of the apps on the list, Dosh offers rebates at many local restaurants. There is even a map inside the Dosh app that shows you nearby locations that offer cashback. as well as online merchants. If looking for local offers, remember to start in the Dosh app and click through to the retailer to get the cashback amount offered.

Note: Dosh is my other personal favorite because it is so simple to use. Once you have it set up there is no additional work or time you need to put in to save money and earn cashback plus, they will also send you real money straight to your PayPal account, if you choose.

How it Works: Download the app, connect a credit or debit card, and Dosh does the rest. Shop in-store and eat at local restaurants and get automatic cash back deposited into your Dosh wallet when using your connected payment method. Each time you automatically earn cashback Dosh will send you a notification alerting you.

How to Cash Out: After accumulating $25, you can cash out via bank transfer, Paypal, or Venmo.

Get $10 When You Sign Up For Dosh and Make a Purchase

4. Ibotta

While Ibotta has expanded into other ways to earn cashback, its claim to fame is offering virtual coupons on groceries. Since its founding in 2012, Ibotta has paid over $1 billion in cash rewards to its 35 million users.

You can browse digital coupons for hundreds of grocery staples and save money on every purchase with the app. One of my favorite things about Ibotta is they even offer coupons for unbranded products, such as 25 cents off any brand of milk or 50 cents off any meat purchase.

They even offer coupons just for scanning a receipt and has also branched out into grocery delivery and has exclusive offers with brands such as Walmart and Shipt.

Tip: You’ll earn and save a LOT more with Ibotta if you’re someone who prefers to buy brand names at the grocery store instead of generic.

How it Works: Download the app, select your store, then add coupon offers for products you plan to buy. Once you have finished your shopping, take a picture of your receipt in the app, and the cashback will be automatically applied.

How to Cash Out: Once you have at least a $20 balance, you can redeem your cashback savings through Paypal, gift cards, or a transfer straight to your bank account.

Signup for Ibotta and Get 100% Cashback on Your 1st Purchase

5. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is similar to Ibotta but even easier to use to score savings on your grocery or retail shopping. There’s no need to select coupons in advance, just complete your shopping trip, scan your receipt, and Fetch will give you points for any purchases of their 250+ participating brands.

You can also link your online accounts for Amazon, Target, Home Depot, and more and earn points from your online orders – no receipt scanning required.

How it Works: Download the free app, shop your favorite stores, and snap a picture of the receipt in the app. Fetch will do the rest by matching line items on your receipt to coupons and offers with their participating brands. You can also connect your online accounts to earn rewards for shopping at many retailers online.

How to Cash Out: You can cash out as little as 3,000 points (worth $3) for gift cards to many major brands, including Amazon, Chipotle, Lowe’s, and more.

Get 2,000 Points When You Sign Up with Fetch Rewards

6. Target

If you shop at Target as much as we do, you might benefit from the exclusive Cartwheel offers and coupons offered within the Target app. Then, multiply your savings with the Target REDcard, which gives you 5% cashback in-store and online and free shipping.

Browse the Cartwheel section and add them to your list to see current offers. When you’re checking out, scan the barcode at the register, and the coupon will apply to your receipt. While Cartwheel is mainly used for in-store shopping, you can apply the savings to online purchases if you are picking them up in-store.

How it Works: In the Target app, browse the Cartwheel coupon offers and select the ones you want to use. At checkout, scan the barcode, and the savings will be applied. You can also sign up for a Target REDcard (debit or credit) to save an additional 5% on every Target purchase and get free shipping.

How to Cash Out: Your savings are applied automatically to each purchase, so there is no balance to track or minimum cash-out requirement.


Do you still like the feel of paper in your hand? offers a wide array of printable coupons to take with you to the store to save money on everyday purchases. has the advantage of a vast assortment of offers on almost any name-brand product helping you save money on groceries, household items, healthcare, and even pets.

There is also a mobile app that lets your earn cashback on eligible purchases and connects various loyalty program accounts so you can track them in one place. You can also apply digital coupons to your loyalty accounts to use in-store.

How it Works: Browse online to view available offers and print coupons. You can also download the app to earn additional cashback and connect your store loyalty programs.

How to Cash Out: You can cash out at any time through the mobile app; no minimums are required.

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Best Coupon Apps – The Final Word

If the idea of “clipping coupons” sends shivers down your spine, these seven apps can help give you all the benefits of coupons without spending a Sunday afternoon with a pair of scissors and the newspaper. While these coupon apps won’t make you an overnight millionaire, they can be a practical side job from home, helping you put extra money back in your pocket each month.

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