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We all have our favorite food; sometimes, we want to make extra for the next day. Sometimes, it can even taste better the next day. However, some foods don’t live up to their original taste when you have them as leftovers the next day—somehow, they taste worse. In a recent online poll, people reveal what they consider the worst food for leftovers.

1. Cereal

Bowl of cereal on a table with a spoon in it
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“Whoever would eat leftover cereal voluntarily needs a psych evaluation ASAP,” someone exclaimed.

A person replied, “My cousin would let his cereal get soggy before he would eat it. He’s never been right.”

2. Caesar Salad

Caesar salad in a bowl
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“Caesar salad – croutons are soggy, Parmesan cheese is soft and gooey. Just a sad situation all around,” somebody explained.

3. Nachos

Large platter of nachos
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“Some other things people have suggested can be reheated well with the right technique, but nachos can’t. The sauce-y chips will forever be mush,” someone stated.

4. French Fries

French fries and condiments on a cutting board
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“French fries. They can never taste the same the next day,” a person said.

“I chopped up my leftover fries into a breakfast skillet the next morning,” someone replied.

5. Boxed Macaroni & Cheese

Bowl of boxed macaroni and cheese on a table
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“Mac and Cheese from a box. It turns into something else entirely after being refrigerated,” someone explained.

6. Sushi

Sushi burritos sitting on a cutting board
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“The worst! It is always questionable at best whether it’s raw seafood or avocado,” someone mentioned.

“It’s the worst once the rice becomes hard for me,” a person added.

7. Saucy Fried Food

Chicken tender basket
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“Anything breaded and fried and covered in sauce. Impossible to reheat without making it fall apart and be all gummy and sludgy,” someone described.

8. Fish

Fish dinner
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“Any cooked fish, especially baked or grilled. It gets too dry when you reheat it,” someone said.

“If you reheat in the oven on a low temp (like in the 200s), it comes out fine. Just takes time,” someone else suggested.

9. Noodles & Broth

Bowl of soup with noodles and carrots
Image Credit: Arkadiusz Fajer via Shutterstock.

“Any type of noodle in broth. Noodles get all swollen and disgusting, the broth gets cloudy and ruined, reheating it doesn’t make it better, so sad,” someone mentioned.

10. Spaghetti Carbonara

Large plate of pasta carbonara with fork
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“There’s not a way to “re-temper” the eggs, and it turns into a noodle omelet,” someone described.

“This was my thought, too. I don’t hate it cold (I have young kids, and I’ve had to get used to eating most of my meals cold.), but it’ll never be as good as when it was fresh,” someone else agreed.

11. Lamb

Lamb chops dinner
Image Credit: Brent Hofacker via Shutterstock.

“Lamb. Great when fresh off the grill. But it never reheats well. Ever,” someone stated.

“Unless it’s a lamb curry. Leftover lamb curry tastes amazing,” someone else suggested.

12. Chinese Food

Table filled with Chinese takeout containers
Image Credit: Atsushi Hirao via Shutterstock.

“Chinese is good for one day afterward, un-microwaved. If microwaved or >24 hours old, it tastes the way a wet dog smells,” a person said.

13. McDonald’s Cheese Burgers

Burger and fries on wooden plate
Image Credit: Jakov Simovic via Shutterstock.

McDonald’s cheeseburgers. You let that thing get fridge cold, and it somehow tastes like the opposite of a McDonald’s cheeseburger,” a person explained.

14. Burritos

Burrito on a plate with sauce on it
Image Credit: Junpinzon via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “Burritos, for sure. I haven’t found a good way to reheat them without having hot pico, guac, and crema in the middle.”

15. Eggplant Casserole

Eggplant casserole on a table
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“I ate some kind of casserole which had eggplant in it. I took some leftovers with me because it tasted good. The next day, I got to enjoy the worst food I ever had in my life,” somebody exclaimed.

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