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Society tells us that when we get older, we need to find a partner, get married, and have children. Sometimes, at a very young age, you may see this vision for your life, or you may question whether this is the right trajectory for you. Having children is a big decision; recently, users in an online forum discussed when they knew for sure whether or not they wanted kids. Here are some of the most popular confessions.

1. Stop Worrying About “When”

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“At 28, and I’m still on the fence. I decided to reassess in a couple of years and stop worrying about it. Found myself a partner that is also on the fence and is just happy being with me whether we end up having kids or not,” someone shared.

2. Always Knew

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Somebody mentioned, “I think I first actively verbalized that I didn’t want kids at 14 or 15 years old, but doing so felt less like a new discovery and more like finally putting words to something I had already been feeling.”

3. “No” is an Option

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“As soon as I realized that not having kids was an option, I knew I didn’t want them. Before then, I just assumed having kids happened whether or not you wanted them because I was raised in a pretty religious environment,” a user expressed.

4. Can’t Remember a Time

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“I’ve always known I wanted children. I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t sure about having children,” somebody stated.

5. Kids Just Like You

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“Mine was when I was young and arguing with my mom, and she said, “I hope you have a kid that’s just like you!” And ever since then, I said nope because I will hate having a kid like me,” someone said.

6. Glad it’s Not My Job

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Someone remembered, “When I was 4, I told my poor mom (who was caring for my baby brother) that being a mom looks like an awful job, and I’m glad it’s not my job.”

7. Never Gave it a Second Thought

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“I have always known I didn’t want children. I’m 29 and never gave it a second thought. I’m sure, sure,” a user exclaimed.

8. Council of Older Women

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“Recently, I got a rant from a perfect stranger telling me to seek the counsel of older women without kids in case they are depressed and full of regret—his words, not mine,” somebody shared.

9. Just Always Saw

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“There wasn’t a particular point in my life that I knew I wanted kids. I just always saw kids in my future,” someone revealed.

10. Break the Cycle

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“I knew when I was 12 that I did not want kids. I don’t remember if there was a specific event that cemented it, but my childhood wasn’t great, and I knew I didn’t want to perpetuate the cycle,” a user stated.

11. Reading a Book

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Somebody explained, “I was on the fence until about 22. I thought about what my life would look like with kids, and it just didn’t appeal to me; then, reading a book helped me solidify and decide once and for all that I did not want them at all. Now, at 33, I’m still happy with the decision not to have them.”

12. Too Impatient

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“Never had the desire to be a parent even when my body clearly started changing in preparation for childbearing. I’m also the most impatient person that ever lived, so that would be horrible. It’s a no for me,” someone said.

13. Didn’t Want the Responsibility

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“I always knew, I think. But I was 100% certain when I started babysitting my nephew when I was about 14. it put me in so much distress, and while I adored him, I hated every second of the responsibility,” a user exclaimed.

14. Mental Illness

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“Around 24-25. My mental illness made me realize I’d be destroying an innocent child’s life if I were to bring it into this world,” someone shared.

15. Super Excited

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“I was on the fence from about 23-29 and only started truly leaning towards wanting kids at 30. Pregnant now (turning 32) with my first, and I’m super excited to meet her and be a parent,” someone divulged.

16. Never Wanted Them

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“I’ve always known that I didn’t want kids. The earliest I can remember actually telling myself I didn’t want them was in 4th or 5th grade. I started telling others I didn’t want them when I was around 16,” a user stated.

17. Could Be a Reality

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Someone explained, “For me and my husband, it was actually getting to a place financially where we could have them. We had bought a house with a couple of spare bedrooms and were soon getting married; we both had stable jobs with enough income for kids to actually be a reality, not a pipe dream.”

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