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We all daydream from time to time about winning the lottery or inheriting an obscene amount of money from a long-lost uncle. In a popular online forum, people weighed in on what they would do if they came into a large amount of money; here are some of the most popular answers.

1. Quit My Job

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“Quit my job. It’s not that it’s a bad job, I do like it, but I don’t have time for it! I would rather live my life and go on adventures. So many things to see and experience in this world and life,” someone said.

2. Retire My Parents

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One user said, “I’d retire my dad (46M) immediately. After my mom left when I was 13 (25M now), he stepped up to be in the role of both parents to us three kids, and we struggled bussed pretty hard for a few years until I was able to start working to help out even though he said I never had to.”

3. Hire a Chef

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“Get a permanent personal chef so that I can eat delicious food all the time and in a relatively healthy way,” a person said.

4. Get Dental Implants

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“I’d get dental implants, so I wasn’t in constant pain/didn’t look like I started every day with a hearty breakfast of crack,” someone shared.

5. Start a Farm

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A person said, “Buy a house in the mountains and start a farm. I just want peace. I’ve been stuck in fight or flight mode most of my life.”

6. Seek Financial Advice

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“I’d look up that thread where a finance lawyer outlines exactly what I should do. There was a step-by-step guide for putting X amount in trusts, buying property, and how to set yourself up to not ruin yourself (as many have with lottery winnings),” someone said.

7. Pay To Park

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“I used to work in a very rich part of town. There was a hotel that would take the nicest car of one of the guests and park it in a designated spot in the front like it was on display. I’d pay them to park my Pontiac Sunfire there,” someone said.

8. Properties Along the Coast

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Another user replied, “I would buy all the pieces of property along the nearby coast and hillsides that developers have been trying to build on for years, and make it all open space for the public and get some sort of clause that it can never be built on for hundreds of years of something.”

9. Buy Abandoned Buildings

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Someone shared, “Buy up some of the abandoned buildings in my town and convert them to affordable rentals. I wouldn’t have enough to fix my country, but I could do some.”

10. Buy a TV Channel

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“I always thought it would be fun to buy my own television channel, not just any channel, but a nice one that gets primetime viewers,” a person said.

11. Help Them Live Their Dream

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“Buy a few acres in the woods, build a house and guest house with a studio. Let younger bands record cheaply and pay great engineers, mixers, and producers to help them live their dream,” someone said.

12. Help a Friend

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“I would buy a new wheelchair and bed for my friend who got paralyzed some years ago, from shoulders down,” a person said.

13. Open a Dog Park

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Someone shared, “There is a guy in the neighborhood. Old grumpy man that, for some reason, hates dogs. I’m walking my dog on a leash on the other side of the street, and he’s screaming at me. I’ll buy the unused land at the side of his house a make it a dog park for everyone.”

14. Become Batman

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“Become Batman. Purely so I can pull a Bruce Wayne, go somewhere, get treated poorly, literally buy the business while I’m there, and fire the jerk that treated me poorly before I leave,” a person said.

15. Savor a Cup

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“Go out for a cup of coffee. Sit down and savor it. Knowing that years of barely making it by the skin of my teeth are finally over,” someone said.

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