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There are so many iconic bands out there with lead singers that carry the band into success. However, there are just as many that have lead singers fans believe are holding their band back. Someone posed the question on a popular online forum asking, “What band has the worst lead singer?” Here are some of the top-voted responses.

1. Vince Neil – Motley Crue

Singer Vince Neil
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One user said, “I went to a Motley Crue concert last year, and man Vince Neil has really…declined. He kept forgetting lyrics, and at one point, he forgot how he was supposed to lead into the next song and just awkwardly stared at the others hoping they’d bail him out, then Tommy Lee went over to a piano and started playing Home Sweet Home, and they just went with it.”

2. Tom Sandoval – Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras

Reality star Tom Sandoval
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“I ended up playing darts with him and his friend, and we talked for a couple of hours. Sandoval didn’t say anything to me the entire time I was there, even though I was playing darts with Tom. He wouldn’t talk to anyone he wasn’t with and kept giving Schwartz looks when he would talk to other people; maybe I’m just imagining it, but he just seemed like a dbag,” someone said.

And, let’s not forget the Scandoval of it all…IFKYK.

3. Fergie – Black Eyed Peas

Singer Fergie
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“Black Eyed Peas. Ever seen Fergie live? Terrible. Just terrible,” one person shared.

Another person agreed and said, “I’ve never seen her live, but that rendition of the Star Spangled Banner she did at the NBA all-star game a few years back was god awful.”

4. Adam Levine – Maroon 5

Singer Adam Levine
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“Maroon 5. I want to put sharpened pencils in my ears whenever I hear that whiny bro falsetto,” one person mentioned.

Another person added, ”He was the highlight of ‘old’ Maroon 5. He is the reason I hate the ‘new’ Maroon 5. His voice is not suited to their more recent style.”

5. Jared Leto – 30 Seconds to Mars

Singer Jared Leto
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Someone shared, ”I knew when I saw the question someone would say 30 Seconds to Mars, lol. I unashamedly love their first album and mostly enjoy their second. I fell off after that.”

Someone else disagreed and said, “To be fair, the question was ‘worst lead singer’ and not ‘lead singer with the worst vocals’ Jared Leto on ‘The Kill’ is amazing…But screw that guy.”

6. Dave Mustaine – Megadeth

Singer Dave Mustaine
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Someone shared, “If we’re talking bands that I actually like, probably Megadeth. An incredibly talented band, but Dave Mustaine simply can’t sing and has always sounded atrocious live.”

7. Wes Scantlin – Puddle of Mudd

Singer Wes Scantlin
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“I remember going to see the Deftones when White Pony came out, and Puddle of Mudd was one of the opening bands. They were pretty awful, got booed, and the crowd kept chanting for the Deftones to play,” one user recalls.

8. Doug Robb – Hoobastank

Singer Doug Robb
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“Hoobastank. I heard them do a live acoustic demo of a new song on the radio, and it was so bad I lost all interest in their stuff,” someone shared.

9. Anthony Kiedis – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Singer Anthony Kiedis
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“Red Hot Chili Peppers. You can get there, Anthony; you’re just a little flat. No? Okay, keep making millions,” someone said.

Another user agreed, adding,” I love the band, Stadium Arcadium is probably my favorite album ever, but Kiedis is definitely not a great singer haha. He fits the band, though; a great singer wouldn’t work, I think. It adds something raw and authentic.”

10. Dave Mathews – Dave Matthews Band

Singer Dave Matthews
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“Dave Matthews. Hate his voice so much,” one user shared.

Another user disagreed and said, “Dave is a certified musical genius, and he and his band are consistently one of the highest-grossing touring acts in the game for many decades running. It’s so funny to me how polarizing they tend to be. Like even friends with extremely similar music tastes will admit to me they despise Dave.”

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