Was the World Better Before Social Media? The Internet Weighs in

Were you alive before social media?

Someone recently asked, “Do you believe the world was better before social media?”

The responses were mixed, but here are the top-voted answers.

Was the World Better Before Social Media? The Internet Weighs in…

Yes, Pre-Smartphone

Someone said, “Pre-smartphone, yes. But social media has less to do with it; we had AOL Instant Messenger and small social media sites before smartphones.

“Social media have helped many people communicate, make friends, and know what they want. Social media platforms are not terrible; some people misuse them, but they have more good than bad,” another suggested.

No, It’s Helped More Than Hurt

As a mom of two daughters, some of the main things that I have noticed are a shorter attention span. Videos are quick, TikTok and Snapchat, so they do not have any patience. I also think it’s made younger kids hyper-critical of themselves. When I was in school, I would compare myself to my classmates, and that’s about it.”

Yes, It’s Damaging Our Kid

“We see selfishness on display daily. But read some books from the 1800s or early 1900s. Take a little dig through history. The world was never better. It was just cloaked a bit better and easier to ignore.”

No, We Know More Because of Social Media

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