Want to Get Paid for Your Data? Try These 9 Apps

Your personal information is gold, and believe it or not, different companies are willing to pay for it. So why give it out for free when you can get paid for your data instead? 

Your online activity and digital footprint provide these companies with valuable insights to power their online advertising, tailor marketing campaigns, and boost revenue. Therefore, you deserve compensation for providing them with a data source.

Ready to cash in on your data and earn money online? The best apps will pay you when you download and keep them running on your device in the background without ruining your battery life. Most are available on iOS and Android devices, and some even offer additional bonuses to new users.

The market value of your consumer behavior and anonymous data is exceptionally high for market research companies, big tech companies, and various social media platforms. So, leverage demand and start getting paid for your data with these free apps.

Want to Get Paid for Your Data? Try These 9 Apps


Tapestri is a stealth money-making data collection app. It stays active and runs in the background throughout your daily activities. You can choose to interact with the app or not; either way, you’re earning free money for your data.


The Dosh mobile app is not only interested in your shopping activities but also rewards you when you make qualifying purchases. Dosh works by awarding cashback automatically instead of requiring you to search for and save individual offers. 



Honeygain is a bit different from other data collection apps. Instead of getting paid for your personal information, Honeygain pays you for sharing your internet connection. This arrangement allows you to get paid for your data without actually having to share personal information.



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