Top Gas Price Hacks to Save Money 

Remember when everyone thought 2022 would be the best year yet? Hardly anyone thought the economy might fall apart. 

However, here we are and inflation has sent prices soaring for everything, including gas. 

According to AAA, the national average price for gas in August 2022 was around $4.16. 

Many are still watching prices at the pump nervously, unsure what might happen next.

Best Gas Price Hacks to Save Money


When you get a gas rewards credit card, you can earn points and cashback when you make gas purchases.

Use Gas Rewards Credit Card

Free apps like GasBuddy, Upside, Drivvo, or similar fuel-centric apps can help you find cheap gas.


Use Apps to Find Cheap Gas

Did you know you can boost gas mileage by checking your tire pressure? According to the US Department of Energy, you can increase gas mileage by 3%. 


Check Your Tire Pressure

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