The Truth About Whether Manifestation Actually Works

Does manifesting work? One of the most common questions people ask when they hear about Manifestation. Many people don’t understand Manifestation or think they must work hard to achieve their dream. 

You want a better life, you know there is more out there for you. You want a more abundant life so severely you can feel it in your bones. There’s more out there for you, and you’re going after it.

You want freedom, you want your time back. You want to wake up each morning and be excited for the day.

The Truth About Whether Manifestation Actually Works

Some think the practice of Manifestation is a “new age” and leads to complacency. The idea that you are thinking something into fruition without understanding the actions needed to make that dream a reality leads people to live in a world of wishful thinking.

The basis of Manifestation is the Universal laws. The Law of Attraction. The Law of Divine Oneness. The Law of Relativity. Although not backed by scientific evidence, many people believe in the power of Universal laws and that they influence the good in their lives. 

So yes, there are critics who think that Manifestation can be a detriment, especially when people fail to understand that there is also a physical action that accompanies the dreams and goals you want to manifest.

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