The Best Way to Set and Achieve Your Goals

I have set a ton of goals and FAILED at a good portion of them too but along the way, I have found some tips that have really worked for me and I know they will help you achieve your goals too.

The first thing you need is to set the right kind of goals.  You need to set S.M.A.R.T. goals.  I think setting the actual goal is sometimes the hardest part. 

The Best Way to Set and Achieve Your Goals


Write it down, and put it in places you will see it, and see it often.  I have my goals written in my planner (my personal and my blog planner).  I write my goals on the whiteboards in my home office.  The calendar above my desk, and sometimes even on the wallpaper on my phone. 

Write it Down

Seeing your progress makes you happy, confident and motivates you to keep pushing towards your goals.  When you see progress, you are proud of yourself and it makes you want to work harder to see even more progress. 


Track Your Progress

What if you are tracking your progress but you’re not actually making any progress?  Where do you go from there?  Goal setting is not a once-and-done feat.  It requires constant tweaking.


Review + Revise

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