10 Items People Absolutely Refuse To Purchase Second Hand 

Are you a thrifty shopper or a modern consumer that draws the line on certain secondhand goods? 

You’ve got company. Someone recently asked, “What’s the one thing you would never buy secondhand?” The internet responded to deliver this list.

10 Items People Absolutely Refuse To Purchase Second Hand


“Pacifiers,” one explained. “When I was pregnant, my mother-in-law gave me a plastic baggie of used pacifiers.

Breast Pump

“Breast pumps,” replied one. “Unless it’s a closed system. When mine were small, most were not closed systems, which allows aerosolized breast milk particles to get places you can’t clean.

“My local Goodwill sells used bathing suits and lingerie too. Once my big sister was going to buy both but assumed they were new and given to Goodwill because the person who bought them did not like them.”

Bathing Suits and Lingerie

“Headphones and Air Pods,” replied one. “Headphones: Okay. Earbuds: Heck, no,” said another. Many people informed users that you could buy replacements for the part that goes in your ears, but most agreed that it’s a nasty secondhand purchase.

Headphones and Air Pod

“A keyboard,” one explained. “I’ve disassembled quite a few for cleaning. And they are disgusting. If I have the chance, I’d rather use my own or buy a new one. Detest the thought of using someone else’s.” “Seconding this,” said another.”


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