15 Things People Seriously Can’t Stand About Society Today

Have you been around long enough for something to bother you about modern society? 

You’ve got company. 

Someone recently asked, “What disgusts you the most about today’s society?” 

Here are the top-voted responses.

15 Things People Seriously Can’t Stand About Society Today 


“Overconsumption,” one stated. “McMansions, pickup trucks more oversized than WWII tanks, warehouse stores, daily Amazon deliveries, restaurant servings that feed over 3,000 calories.


“Many things but family vloggers who profit off videoing their young children for the whole world to see from birth without their consent. These kids have never known anything different and have no chance of growing up the way most do,” one stated.


Family Vloggers

“Instant gratification has completely ruined humanity,” replied one. Another sarcastically asked, “Why would you improve your life for gratification if you can get it in mere seconds from a garbage mobile game?”


Instant Gratification

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