Grocery Shopping on a Budget? 11 Smart Strategies To Save on Grocerie

Let’s chat about FOOD. We love it and can’t live without it (literally), but for most people and families, it is one of the biggest budget categories.

But the good news is that it’s also one of the easiest categories to cut.

Grocery Shopping on a Budget? 11 Smart Strategies To Save on Groceries

Slash Your Budget

And because the food budget is one of the largest, it’s often an area where many overspend. Add to that the insane prices we’re seeing at the grocery stores, and it’s likely your wallet has been feeling the pinch. That’s the bad news.

How To Save Money on Groceries

When you have a very tight budget, every little bit counts. These 11 tips will help you see substantial savings at the grocery store, even during this time of high inflation.


This is crucial. Sometimes you might not even realize it, but think back to the last time you spent way too much at the grocery store; I bet you hadn’t eaten.

Don’t Shop Hungry

Bring only what you want to spend and leave your debit (or credit) card at home. You literally cannot spend what you don’t have.


Bring Cash

Buying in bulk can absolutely save money but plan carefully when making your bulk purchases so they don’t bust your budget.


Buy in Bulk

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