Get More Bang for Your Buck with These 17 Reusable Products

Single-use items are a huge waste of money as you literally use them one time and throw them away. 

These reusable products will actually save you a bunch of money in the long run.

Get More Bang for Your Buck with These 17 Reusable Products

Spend to Save?

Sure, it may seem counterproductive to spend more money to save money, but if you look at the big picture and project the amount you spend on disposable items over a year, five years, or even ten, forking out a little extra money upfront will really pay off over time.

Respect Your Mother

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a tree-hugger or overly environmentally conscious, the fact is that our planet is in crisis, and even making small changes in your own home can make a difference – both in our environment and your monthly budget!

Reusable water bottles are one of the easiest swaps to make. They’re affordable, easy to find, and will quickly make a big change. No more lugging bulky cases of bottled water home from the store each week.

Reusable Water Bottle

Paper towels can be a huge money suck. Grab a bulk pack of kitchen towels or reusable paper towels from Amazon and start weaning yourself off the Bounty.

Reusable Kitchen Towel

Taking care of your fabrics keeps them in better condition and extends their life. Snag one of these pill removers to “shave” your sweaters, pillows, furniture, and anything else that gathers those annoying little balls. This removes them quickly and easily without damaging your fabric.

Sweater Shaver

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