Blended Family Challenges and Tips to Overcome Them 

With divorce rates hovering around 50% and couples remarrying at a high rate, blended families are becoming the norm in the United States.

A blended family, also known as a stepfamily, is a family unit composed of two people with children from previous relationships coming together to start a new family. 

SA study on American family structures shows that 55% of American children live with one of their biological parents and a step-parent. 

Whether you have a blended family or are looking to start one, it is best to understand the challenges of merging your families.

Blended Family Challenges and Tips to Overcome Them 


“Statistics surrounding divorce and remarriage in America paint a picture of how tough it is to succeed as a blended family.

Challenges Faced by Members of a Blended Family

“Personal finance is a private and sensitive topic for most adults, and it’s no surprise that disputes about money are one of the leading causes of divorce.


Challenges Managing Finances in a Blended Family

Merging finances is crucial to the success of a healthy, blended family, and it promotes unity and togetherness between partners.


Techniques to Manage Blended Family Finances

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