55 Frugal Living Tips

Frugal living is all about living life in a manner where you are constantly looking to reduce your expenses and be purposeful in the way you choose to spend money. 

Learning how to live frugally can save you thousands (or more) of dollars every year, but it can take some practice to learn how to make frugal choices.

While frugal doesn’t necessarily equal environmentally friendly, many think the two go hand-in-hand. These tips will help you be kinder to Mother Earth.

Some of these tips will save you some serious money, and some might only save you a few dollars, but those savings, compounded over time, can have a huge impact on your budget.

50+ Best Frugal Living Tips


If you use paper plates at home, don’t be afraid to reuse them if they’re not dirty. Often my kids will eat a piece of toast, the plate is completely clean, and they will throw it out.

Reuse Paper Plates

Can’t handle the thrift stores or consignment shops? No problem! There is a huge online thrift market where you can buy and sell used (or new) clothes and save a substantial amount of money (and/or earn money on the side in the process) when sprucing up your wardrobe.


Shop Second Hand

Hiring a pro for every little job around the house can break the bank! Ask a friend or family member for help taking care of smaller maintenance and upkeep around your home


Do Your Own Home Improvements

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