5 Best Financial Tools  To Manage Your Money Better


Over the years I’ve found some amazing financial tools that will help you not only manage your money but hold you accountable for your spending as well.

Personal Banking App

A fast way to get a glimpse of your overall finances

Writing out your budget with pen and paper is the best way to become familiar with your money...

Budget Binder Printables

Net Worth Tracker Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are so motivating because they allow you to look back .

I love having all my past budgets in the same spreadsheet so I’m able to look back anytime.

Debt Snowball Calculator

If you’re currently working to pay off your debt using the debt snowball method, this calculator is a must-have!

These simple financial tools are what have gotten me out of debt & on the path towards financial freedom.

Learn to love life on a budget!