3 Easy Ways To Create Joy + Avoid Holiday Stress

Put some of these tips to calm the Christmas chaos into practice this year and enjoy a peaceful and stress-free holiday season!

Most of us spend the holidays overscheduled, procrastinated, and rushing around to make sure we see All. The. Things.

These three tips will help you create more joy and avoid the Christmas chaos this season (and every holiday season)  — so you can have the same feelings of connection and contentment that our hearts crave each holiday season!

3 Tips for Less Stress + More Joy


All of them.  This means writing down everything.  This is your “Master To-Do List”.  This list should consist of two columns: every single thing you have to do and every single thing you want to do throughout the holiday season.

Make a List (+ check it twice)

Sitting for 5 or 10 minutes and think about what is most important to you during this time. Talk to your spouse or partner and kids and get their input too.


Determine Your Priorities

This helps you avoid the feelings of chaos because you’re deciding where to put your money, energy, and time. This is where you create the plan that is going to carry you through the holidays without busyness and exhaustion.


Use Your Resources Wisely

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