25 Popular Movies That Secretly Make Men Cry

Recently a man shared, “What are some of the movies that made you secretly cry, and you aren’t saying a word about it publicly?

For me, there is What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. When his mom came to pick him up at the jail and people stared at his mom.”

“My mother was overweight when I was a kid, and it was an endless joke as an elementary school kid.” 

Here are twenty-five films men admitted make them cry too. 

25 Popular Movies That Secretly Make Men Cry 


About Time. The whole table tennis scene into them on the beach. It’s a brutal scene for me to get through,” one man confessed.

About Time (2013)

“I have never not cried during the opening scenes of Up. I do my best to hide it from my wife, but I never succeed,” one shared. 


Up (2009)

One man suggested, “The Green Mile. Watching the guard break down in the big moment. It’s tough, man.” “That movie is heartbreaking.


The Green Mile (1999)

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