21 Best Side Hustles for Teens To Make Extra Money

Teens typically want more independence as they get older. They often reach a point where they don’t want to rely on mom and dad for every penny, but they might not have time for a part-time job yet. 

If they play sports or are involved in school, they may be unable to handle set schedules and answer to a boss.

It doesn’t mean teens can’t work, though. 

Teens have many options for side hustles to make more money than a part-time job would make.

21 Best Side Hustles for Teens To Make Extra Money 


It sounds crazy that teens could make money answering surveys, but they are a highly sought-after demographic. Companies want to know what teens think of their products or how they think.

Answer Survey

Teens that love games can make good money playing them. Again, this may sound surprising, but companies pay teens to play games because it exposes them to advertisements.


Play Games

Micro-task websites make it easy to make money online. For example, you can make money watching videos (ads) or doing other small tasks, such as visiting a website, reviewing music, or reading an email. But, again, this is all in the name of advertising.


Watch Videos and Do Other Small Task

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