18 Awesome Online Jobs for Teens

Finding a job and earning money are important life skills for teens. Roadblocks such as age limits, driver’s licenses, and tedious interview processes previously kept many teens out of the market.

Yet the rise of online jobs has now removed many of those barriers. Wondering how to earn extra cash as a teenager? Here are 18 ways to get started.

online opportunities are perfect for teenagers because they are available immediately and require little to no prior experience. Some jobs have minimum age requirements or require parental consent, so check each position.

Still, most opportunities are available to teens as young as 13. We're going to show you the best options out there. 

The Best Online Jobs for Teens


Taking online surveys will not get you to a six-figure income, but it is some pretty easy money for work you can do in your spare time.

Taking Part in Online Surveys

A love of writing and solid grammar skills make freelance writing a great job for teens. It’s free to start and offers flexible hours.


Freelance Writer

The primary duties of a virtual assistant include: – Writing content – Answering email – Editing – Create graphics or social media post


Virtual Assistant

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