17 Things Women Wish Men Would Stop Doing Immediately

Men often have the best of intentions, but sometimes they do things that drive women up the wall.

Things we would assume to be basic knowledge or common decency. 

We found a thread on a popular online forum where women were discussing specific things they wished men would stop doing.

Here’s what they had to say.

17 Things Women Wish Men Would Stop Doing Immediately


Someone said, “‘I’ll never forget the night my husband came home from bowling and immediately tried being intimate (usually fine, but) with his nasty bowling fingers.

Dirty Hands

Someone said, “If a woman tells you she’s a lesbian when you’re flirting, it means one of two things: 1: She is a lesbian. 2: She is pretending to be a lesbian so you’ll stop flirting with her.


Stop Flirting

“Please stop sending pics of your privates to random women online. It’s just straight-up creepy and gross. If a woman wants to see it, she’ll ask for a picture,” one woman said.


Unsolicited Pictures

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