11 of the Best Cruelty-Free Drugstore Beauty Brands 

Do you feel conflicted knowing that many of the beauty products you use actually test their products on our furry little friends? 

Maybe you’ve really been wanting to make the switch to using only cruelty-free beauty products, but your teeny tiny budget just isn’t on board. 

I have great news for you. 

There are more and more affordable cruelty-free drugstore brands available each year that are kind to animals and kind to your wallet.

11 of the Best Cruelty-Free Drugstore Beauty Brands 


Love, Beauty, and Planet products have the BEST scents! This brand is easy to find, uses very clean ingredients, and they also use recycled plastic for its bottles. 

Love, Beauty, and Planet

Not only do Hask products smell amazing, but they don’t make your hair feel weighed down – you’re going to get great results from this brand.



The Ordinary’s mission is to pull back the curtain on the skincare industry and let consumers know that you don’t have to pay a million dollars for skin care.


The Ordinary

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