11 Cheap Luxury Hacks To Make Your House Feel Like a Hotel

Love going away and staying at your favorite hotel and wish you could bring that luxurious feeling home with you?

Check out these 11 hacks to make your home feel more like a hotel.

11 Cheap Luxury Hacks To Make Your House Feel Like a Hotel

Focus on the Bed

Make the bed a focal point in your master bedroom by giving it a hotel feel. Get crisp white linens, layer on blankets of different textures and a bunch of fluffy pillows, and you have yourself a beautiful bed fit for the most luxurious hotel.

Keep Surfaces Clear

Keeping surfaces clear gives major hotel vibes. When you check in to a hotel room, the desks, nightstands, counters, and dressers are almost fully clear except for a few essentials.

For coffee drinkers, few things are more enjoyable than taking a few minutes to savor the perfect cup of coffee.

Make a Coffee Bar

Simply rolling your bathroom towels instead of folding them instantly makes your bathroom feel more like a spa.

Roll Your Towels

There’s just something about a pitch-black room that makes you sleep so well. Try adding blackout curtains or room-darkening shades to your bedroom for a better night’s sleep.

Blackout Curtains

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