10 Valuable Life Lessons People Age 30 and Up Want You to Know

The advice and experience of those ahead of us in age can be truly invaluable.

And each decade of a person’s life brings new understandings and advice to share.

One person asked on a popular online forum, what valuable lessons have you learned after turning thirty and up?

Here's what they said...

10 Valuable Life Lessons People Age 30 and Up Want You to Know


“Other people’s opinions of you literally don’t matter and have no bearing on your life. Whether it’s a shame your parents caused in childhood, how you believe your peers perceive you, or random people in the grocery store- no one should have the power to impact your self-worth besides you,” shares one user.

Outside Opinions Don’t Matter

“When people are nasty to you, it is usually not your fault. Do not break your head trying to figure out what you must do to make them change. People that are nasty are nasty to everyone, not just you. That is just the way they are,” says one comment.


If Someone is Mean, it’s Not Your Fault

One person shared the advice, “Take every single vacation, holiday, sick day, and time off available to you. Use all of them, don’t give them away. When you are off, unplug and enjoy yourself.”


Value Your Time

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