10 Jokes That Are Starting To Get Real Old 

Nothing is worse than when a joke has run its course, and people continue to beat a dead horse. 

After someone asked, “What joke is starting to get old now?” 

The internet responded to deliver this list of jokes that are no longer funny.

10 Jokes That Are Starting To Get Real Old

It Must Be Free!

Anyone who has worked in retail can relate to this played-out joke. When an item doesn’t ring up at the register, the customer responds, “That must mean it’s free!”

Next, a server shared a common restaurant woe. When a server checks on their tables, they naturally ask, “Can I bring you anything else?” 

A Million Dollars

“Spontaneous, funny situations that are obviously staged aren’t amusing and viral all over the web. Someone shared, “All of TikTok. 

Staged “Spontaneous” Situation

“The ‘I hate my spouse’ jokes. Nobody thinks it funny if someone is miserable in your marriage, and you just come off as a jerk,” replied one. 

I Hate My Spouse Jokes

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