10 Hard-to-Handle Relationship Truths You Need To Understand

Having larger-than-life expectations for how our relationships will play out is easy, and sometimes the reality doesn’t match the vision in our minds.

On a popular online forum, one person asked others to share hard truths about relationships. 

Here are some of the top answers.

10 Hard-to-Handle Relationship Truths You Need To Understand

Love Won’t Fix All Your Problem

“Love won’t save deep insecurities or incompatibility,” says one user. Another person adds, “Each person in the relationship needs to be good with themselves and not look to their partner for constant validation.”

“You can both do nothing wrong, and it can still end in a disaster,” one comment remarks. Another person adds, “Conversely, just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean it wasn’t a successful relationship. Some things just run their course.”

There’s Not Always a Reason Things End

“No matter how much love, respect, kindness, commitment, and chemistry there is, relationships are hard. It takes an immense amount of effort from all parties to keep a healthy relationship flourishing for the long term. It’s worth it, but it’s definitely hard work,” one comment reads.

No Matter How Much Chemistry You Have, it Still Takes Work

As one user says, “Prioritizing romantic relationships over all others is a recipe for disappointment. Make friends, love your family, and care for a pet. Romance isn’t the only or even biggest goal.”

Focusing Only on Romantic Relationships Isn’t Enough

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