10 Fan Bases That Terrify People to Their Core

Love it or hate it, one thing social media has done is unite specific groups of people with similar interests, seemingly creating a level of superfans not previously known.

These groups can take over the interwebs, and some people are genuinely put off by them.

Recently the question was asked, “What Fanbase genuinely scares you?” 

Here are the top-voted responses.

10 Fan Bases That Terrify People to Their Core


Someone stated, “K-pop fans and hardcore anime fans. Some people make their personalities all about it. Watching anime all the time and cosplaying is one thing. 

Hardcore K-Pop and Anime Fans

Image Credit: Dutchmen Photography via Shutterstock.

League of Legends. I’m not scared for me but for them. They all adamantly warn you to stay away from LOL (League of Legends) and say they hate playing the game yet can’t stop.


League of Legends Fan Base

“Crossfitters. They’re intense,” one said. “I was at a party with a cross-fitting vegan last week – that man cleared out a room faster than a dog with broccoli farts.”



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