10 Cold Hard Facts Older People Have Learned Over the Year

One of the best places on the internet is the SubReddit r/askoldpeople—people who are Gen-X (1980) and older answer today’s youth.

Someone asked, “What are some cold hard facts you have learned over the years?”

Here are the top-voted cold hard facts of life.

10 Cold Hard Facts Older People Have Learned Over the Years

You Can’t Fix Other People’s Problem

“You often can’t fix someone else’s problems,” one said. If they seem emotionally invested in changing, you may be able to pull it off, but there are also people who are so deeply ingrained in their dysfunction that they’ll drag you down with them if you get too involved in trying to save them.

“Compound Interest builds up quickly. If you live with consumer debt, your life is as much as 20% more expensive than it is for people who don’t live with consumer debt. "

Compound Interest Builds up Quickly

“No one cares for your well-being at work. So don’t trust anyone when it comes to your job. Keep your comments to yourself and mind your business.

No One Cares for Your Well-Being at Work

“It’s better to have a small group of close friends than a large group of not-so-close friends. As life goes on, you’ll need people you can depend on and who can depend on you. Stuff happens.”

Better To Have a Small Group of Friend

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