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When it comes to finding love, some people just consider themselves unlucky. But does finding love really come down to luck? Many different areas need attention and to be balanced out when it comes to building a relationship and finding love. Here are 13 things that are incredibly helpful in helping you be successful in the love department.

1. Spending Quality Time Together

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It would help to find someone with the same common interests as you. This will allow you to naturally bond over your goods and allow you to spend quality time together often. 

2. Taking Your Time

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Too many people rush into being intimate over building a natural friendship first. Rushing into things can blur lines and send mixed signals, which isn’t good if you are trying to develop a genuine love connection.

3. Learn From Good Relationship Role Models

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They learn how to interact with a potential love interest by observing healthy relationships. Find a healthy and loving relationship around you and see how they interact and communicate with each other. Try to learn from them and implement the same behaviors naturally.

4. Be Confident

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You have to exude confidence. If you fear rejection and never take a chance, you are missing out. The same goes for settling for less than because you don’t think you will find something better. 

5. Focus on Your Needs

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You have to throw away the idea of looking for what you want. You need to look for what you need in a partner. This will allow you to grow together and build a healthy relationship.

6. Abandon Unrealistic Expectations

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Expectations can ruin relationships. There are so many places expectations can come from. Society, yourself, family, and friends. Expectations will hold you back from what naturally will occur in its own time, which is what a relationship needs. 

7. Prioritize Important Qualities

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Prioritize the qualities that matter most. Yes, there must be some attraction, but don’t prioritize looks over everything else. This is just a recipe for disaster.

8. Seek Clarity

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It is straightforward to confuse love with obsession and dependence. Those are not healthy at all. It will lead you into a relationship where you aren’t valued, walked all over, or worse.

9. Don’t Be Self-Centered

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When looking for love, you must be open. You can’t be shallow, self-centered, or unwilling to compromise. You are in a relationship with someone else, not yourself. Their views and feelings matter as well. 

10. Put in the Effort

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You can’t have unrealistic expectations in love. It would help if you put in effort; things won’t always be easy. There will be ups and downs, and it will be up to you two to decide if it is worth working through.

11. Be Accountable

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When looking for love, you need to be self-aware. Apart from that, I always want to be better and do better. You don’t need to change yourself for your partner, but be accountable for yourself and your actions. 

12. Think Logically

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Sometimes, we can be blinded by love. You can’t let yourself become consumed with love, which will lead you to make wrong decisions. You must ensure you follow your head sometimes and think logically, not always with your heart.

13. Try Therapy

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Therapy can be a great tool to help you work through your relationship issues and fears. It can be a tool that enables you to find and build a relationship in your life journey with your partner.

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