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It is an exciting time of life to be pregnant or give birth. Once it is announced, all the stories of how others faired with their birthing experiences and dealt with some common pregnancy side effects will come flooding in. A few, though, aren’t spoken about as often, and it can be shocking to find out how common they are. Here are a few unexpected side effects that are helpful to know ahead of time.

1. Anxiety and Depression

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Lots of people talk about the possibility of depression and the mood swings that can come along with being pregnant and giving birth, but not too many people talk about anxiety. Especially postpartum when your hormones are through the roof.

2. The Nonstop Shakes

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If your doctor needs to induce you, they will use a drug to start the induction process. These drugs can cause shakes or muscle tremors even post-birth. This may be painful, especially if you are induced and then end up having to have an emergency C-section.

3. Having Extreme Internal Pain

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When pregnant, the baby is moving around a lot inside of you, and your body is trying to make room among your organs and bones. One strong kick to the rib cage can be painful, especially if you have a larger child.

4. You May Experience Swelling

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Many women experience swelling during pregnancy, yet this can happen after you give birth as well. Even your hips and legs can swell from the different positions you need to be in to push the baby out.

5. The Lightening Effect

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Until you are about eight months pregnant, you may experience a sharp pain down there that can feel like lightning. This is due to the pelvis stretching and the tendons ripping apart in preparation for birth.

6. Postpartum Cramping

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If you nurse your baby, you’ll often experience cramping during feeding as your uterus shrinks back to its pre-pregnancy size. In some cases, it can feel worse than the pain of childbirth.

7. Baby’s First Bowel Movement

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When the baby has its first bowel movement, be prepared to see black tar. Most new parents don’t know this and are taken by surprise. It’s called meconium, and it’s completely normal (and sometimes difficult to clean.)

8. Belly Buttons Can Change

A African American infant baby with an outtie belly button.
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Many new parents are surprised when they find out that their child who had an innie belly button is suddenly sporting an outie.

9. Beware of Your Hipbone Cartilage

A pregnant woman having hip/lower back pain.
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When pregnant, it is common for your hipbone cartilage to give out. You will hear a pop and will be unable to put weight on the side that gave out. It is known, though, to repair itself after birth.

10. Going to the Bathroom

A woman in hospital bathroom after giving birth.
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After giving birth, it takes a while for things to get back to normal in the bathroom department. Going number two doesn’t happen as quickly as you think. When it does, it can be nerve-racking, especially if you delivered via C-section.

11. Having Vivid Dreams

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When pregnant, some women report having crazy vivid dreams. It can feel like you are in another dimension sometimes, or you can recall them as if they truly happened.

12. Your Plans Will Go Out the Window

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No matter how much you plan and prepare, it’s very possible your birth plan won’t be executed as you’d hoped. When trying to bring life into the world, the focus is the safety of the mother and the baby, and that means sometimes plans have to change.

13. Your Feet May Grow

A pregnant woman sitting on the couch rubbing her swollen leg and foot.
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When pregnant, your hormones instruct your body to make many changes to prepare the body for birth. One of those changes is to soften bones and cartilage so the baby has room to grow and, after a few months, join you in the outside world. However, these hormones can permanently affect the mother’s feet, allowing them to grow more.

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