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Most of us want to better ourselves and take the time to view our habits and how they benefit us. Toxic habits can stop you from being your best or even hurt you. They can impact your life in negative ways, and they can be incredibly difficult to kick. People shared 17 toxic habits that were holding them back in their life…here are some of the top-rated responses.

1. Carrying Blame

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“Either for self or for other things. Blame is like a knot in a muscle, it stacks up over time, and you see new things through old blame, creating walls and closing you in,” someone said.

2. Talking Behind People’s Backs

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“I didn’t even realize I was doing this for a while. Then I realized how big of a mouth I had. It was more akin to being a gossip. I didn’t realize it,” a person shared.

3. Trying To Please Everyone

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“Trying to please everyone. Sometimes you need to, of course, but it’s also ok to know when to say no to things,” someone said.

4. Too Much Alcohol

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“Alcohol (or too much of it) is indeed very toxic. Very expensive, very high in calories, very dangerous, and a lot of time a nuisance to others,” a user said.

5. Staying at Home

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Someone said, “I need to get out of the house more often and socialize. This energizes me and makes it easy to maintain a good mood and not be too lazy to do day-to-day errands and chores.”

6. Staying up Late

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A person said, “I wake up feeling amazing every day and notice my thinking is sharper, energy is so much better, don’t need coffee which keeps me from crashing later in the day.”

7. Not Drinking Water

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Someone said, “I feel so much more energized mentally and physically. Especially in summer. If you aren’t a water person, adding lemon or lime helps!”

8. Finding the Negative

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“It is crazy how significant of an impact things have on you when you say them out loud, negative or positive,” a user said.

9. Biting Nails

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“I was a hardcore nail-biter, to the point where I’d routinely get infected cuticles, and my nails would dip inwards,” a person shared.

10. Mocking

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“Let people enjoy things. It doesn’t matter if you do not enjoy that same thing. Let them enjoy it. Don’t mock the thing they like,” a person said.

11. Waiting on Others To Invest

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“Invest in yourself. Go outside, take a different route home, play with a pet, go to therapy, or whatever works for you,” someone said.

12. Social Media

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A user said, “Deleting Facebook. Been off that toxic platform for nearly ten years and haven’t looked back since!”

13. Pushing Your Agenda

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“I’m accepting that my wife and I may not have the same future goals and visions. We might not stay married. But there’s no benefit to myself, or her, in trying to get her to save me from my fears or be someone she’s not,” someone said.

14. Classic Toothbrushes

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“Dropping the classical toothbrush for an electric toothbrush is life-changing. It cleans better than your regular brush, and it is safe for your gums,” someone said.

15. Bottling it Up

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A user said, “I used to always bottle up stuff because it isn’t a big deal, but at some point, it’s too much, and it all comes out at once.”

16. One-Sided Relationships

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Someone said, “I stopped catering to relationships/friendships that I feel are one-sided. I’ll surround myself with my loved ones. It bothered me, it still does, but I’m at peace now.”

17. Sugar

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“After a month, you start seeing serious changes. Your brain works differently. Your entire body feels different. I went multiple years without having candy, ice cream, chocolate, or dessert. Mental clarity was incredible,” someone said.

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