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What if one day, while you were out and about doing your usual routine, someone handed you 50k in cash? Would you take it? Would you invest in it? Would you spend it?! This question was posed to users in a recent online poll; here are some of the top responses.

1. Wouldn’t Spend a Dime

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“Keep that stuff safe. I’m not spending a dime. If they come back for it, I ain’t having some no country for old men stuff,” someone said.

2. Run Away

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“Give it back and run. Getting indebted to unknown people can only lead to disaster,” someone cautioned.

Someone else replied, “Reminds me of No Country for Old Men. He really didn’t want to find that cash.”

3. Give it to the Next Person

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“Double it and give it to the next person,” someone mentioned.

“Halve it and loan it at a 15% interest rate to the next person,” somebody added.

4. Invest it

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“Invest it so when they inevitably ask for it back, I can return it with interest,” a person explained.

“I think I read this one in the Bible,” someone questioned.

5. Ask if it Was a Mistake

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“I am asking them what they are talking about! They probably mistaken me for someone else,” a person stated.

6. Wouldn’t Change Anything

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“Not trying to brag, but 50k won’t change anything in my life. For most people, especially in their 20s-early 30s,” somebody said.

7. Pay Debt and Buy Video Games

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Someone explained, “And there goes the rest of my wife’s student loan and line of credit. The rest I’m turning into video games.”

8. Put in Toward Mortgage Debt

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“Paying down a mere fraction of my mortgage and continuing with my life as 50k isn’t even close to enough money to change someone’s life anymore,” someone stated.

9. Buy Books

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“OK, well, I wouldn’t spend ALL my money on it, BUT I LOVE BUYING BOOKS. I’ve always wanted to have a really pretty bookshelf and decorate it. Maybe get some collector’s editions,” somebody imagined.

10. Not Spend it

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“Not. Spending. It. When they come back asking why I didn’t do the thing, I am trying to explain and give that money back,” someone cautioned.

11. Split it With 5 People

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“Handing out 10k of cash to five different people. I feel like 10k would make more of a difference to five people than 50k would make to one,” a person explained.

12. Call the Police

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Somebody said, “I would go to the police and pass it to them. Let them deal with it; then, it’s not my problem anymore.”

13. Go Home

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“I don’t know if this sounds selfish, but I would say thank you and buy a ticket to go back home. Because it’s been ten years, I haven’t been home,” someone mentioned.

14. Stash it in a Safe

A person opening a safe.
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Someone explained, “I have a safe under the stairs; it goes there with all the other money. What? This isn’t business as usual?”

15. Help my Mom

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“Pay my mom’s debt, hook up her house, and give her the rest so she can have some savings. That’s my current dream and what I work for every day,” someone dreamed.

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