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The saying goes, “When you turn 30, it’s all downhill from here.” Yes, this may be true in some areas, but Millennials are proving that it isn’t all negative. In a popular online form, people recently shared about unexpected things they experienced in their thirties; here’s what they had to say.

1. Long Hangovers

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Someone said, “What used to be a half-day issue, solvable via a shower, greasy brunch, and a nap, is now an entire 24-hour process with at least a gentle echo the FOLLOWING day.”

2. Revisiting Old Interests

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“I feel this. At 30, I got back into interests I had as a kid that I couldn’t like anymore once I became a teenager because it wasn’t cool,” a person shared.

3. Finding the Perfect Job

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“Chasing the perfect career starts to become less appealing. Work is ultimately working – relationships, family, and hobbies mean much more,” someone said.

4. Stomach Issues

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A person said, “Dude, I got 30 recently, and right after, I had, for the first time in my life, to think about reducing my caffeine intake. My stomach gave me a crisis. I couldn’t even eat.”

5. Protect Your Neck

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“Injured neck from sleeping wrong and injured my back from sneezing. Everything is a danger to your neck and back from here on out,” someone shared.

6. Losing Friends

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“Your friend starts having kids, and you lose touch with them as they understandably have new priorities,” someone said.

7. Parents

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A person shared, “It blew my mind when I realized if I’d had a kid at the same age as my mom did, it would have been equally disastrous, and I gained much more compassion for her.”

8. Time Flies

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“It’s wild how fast the time goes post-age 21. When I think of my friends I’ve had for ten years, it’s not people I met as a teen but the friends I made in college,” a person said.

9. Priorities Change

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“You realize how much time and effort you put into things that suddenly become unimportant,” someone said.

10. Young at Heart

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“I keep waiting to feel like An Adult™️ , but I’m closer to 40 now than I am to 30, and I still feel like a child with a driver’s license (and the ability/means to purchase stuff I’m probably not responsible enough to be doing),” a person said.

11. Old Jokes

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Someone said, “If you have friends 3-5 years younger than you, you might get a few “old man” jokes. None of them are funny, just annoying.”

12. Enjoy Staying at Home

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“Not so in your 30’s. You can sit at home under a blanket watching YouTube and eating hot chips without feeling like you’re squandering the precious gift of youth,” someone said.

13. Early to Bed

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“Do you know how you love staying up late? Not anymore. Early nights in bed will become your best friend,” a person said.

14. Algorithm Changes

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Someone shared, “Social media algorithms will show you different content, whether you want it or not. If you are female, it will all be weddings, pregnancy, and baby stuff.”

15. Unexpected Calmness

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“I got a feeling of a kind of calmness. I just felt like the weight of my 20s was off my shoulders, and I could go ahead and have a positive 30s. It was a breath of fresh air,” a person shared.

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