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Sometimes there are items you can only dream of owning. Sometimes some things have been handed down through generations that you wish you could have. These people all share realistic and unrealistic wishes of what they want to someone would bestow upon them.

1. Tiny House

Tiny house with a beautiful view
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“A free, brand new tiny house by a river with an acre of wooded land,” someone said.

Another person agreed, “Agreed. With a little garden and major cottage vibes. Lots of wildflowers and greenery and stone pathway, of course!”

2. Bathroom

Fancy white bathroom
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“A really fancy bathroom, like the kind with the long counters and vanity mirror for makeup with a poof chair in the middle,” someone said.

3. Classic Car

Cutlass Supreme classic car
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“My dad’s 1984 Cutlass Supreme. It was his first new car off the lot. It was white originally, but he painted it like a galaxy blue which has a purple hue to it and glitter in the paint to mimic stars,” someone shared.

4. Pool With a Waterfall

Tropical pool with waterfall
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A person said,” An extravagant, in-ground, tile surrounded, waterfall added pool. Or one of those wrap-around slides. Ooh, or a grotto! I love the water so much, but I can’t afford a pool. Maybe one day.”

5. Landscaper

Landscaping crew laying down sod
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“I think it would be super cool to be able to afford to hire a landscape designer or even just a landscaper who would work with me to develop vegetable gardens and a water feature etc.,” a person said.

6. Engagement Ring

Woman showing another woman her engagement ring
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“An engagement ring from Thundercat? I felt compelled to share because the chances of that happening are akin to winning the lottery, which I’d also like to do,” someone said.

7. Caring Person

Happy couple enjoying retirement
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“Just a genuinely caring person with no ulterior motive to grow with and share my life with that has exceptional taste in music and isn’t afraid to be kind, affectionate, and loving,” someone said.

8. Cabin

Small log cabin in the woods
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“My grandparents’ cabin with all associated fees, dues, bills, and any maintenance and upkeep paid in full for a lifetime,” someone said.

9. Unlimited Money

Woman holding a bunch of cash smiling in front of her laptop
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A user said, “Unlimited money so that I don’t have to worry about basic necessities until the day I die.”

10. Jewelry

Beetle brooch with gemstones
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Someone shared, “Faberge beetle brooch. Do I wear jewelry? No. Want the $16,000-$35,000 bug anyway? Absolutely. It’ll never happen, but it’s nice to dream a little dream.”

11. All Expenses Paid

Indoor of beautiful cabin with fireplace
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“A week off, all expenses paid vacation to the cabins in some small town in Colorado. Complete with a chauffeur, all meals are prepared, and firewood is chopped and stacked. Peace and quiet. Refreshment. Rest,” a person said.

12. Relaxation

Woman getting a spa treatment
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“A month at a spa resort, with hot springs and a full library of books, during the months when laying out in the sun is also possible, where they make me food and clean my room for me and insist on an afternoon nap,” a person said.

13. Luxury Bag

Red Givenchy designer purse
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A user said, “A small, classic Givenchy bag. My mum raised me on Audrey Hepburn films, and I’ve loved fashion and the Givenchy brand for as long as I can remember.”

14. Ball Gown

Woman standing on rocks in the middle of a river in a ball gown
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“A massive poofy ball gown. Unfortunately, I am bad at sewing, and the rare companies that make them in fabric and size I can wear want like $600-$1000 for one, and that’s just completely out of all likelihood for anyone to purchase as a gift,” someone said.

15. Beauty and the Beast

Home library shelves filled with books
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“A beauty and the beast kind of library, not as an add on the house but somewhere tucked away in a forest, with secret passages and a coffee machine,” a user shared.

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