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While enjoying my daily scroll, I came across a fascinating thread. Someone asked, “In your experience, what is the one thing you did that attracted women to you the most?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Learning The F.O.R.D. Method of Small Talk

Someone shared, “Mine was learning to engage them in small talk after the first hello immediately – I used the FORD – to get her talking about herself:

  • Family (Does she have a big family, where have they lived)
  • Occupation (What does she do or want to do for a career)
  • Recreation (What does she like to do for fun, hobbies, and travel)
  • Dream (what are her goals in life, where does she want to live)

It works about 80% of the time if there’s any physical chemistry.” While some suggested it felt like a job interview, another said, “This is great! I would add ACTIVE listening to each topic to help flow.”

“For example, if she mentions siblings, ask her individually about each one. Keep this up throughout the whole conversation and every subject. This is the art of conversation and being able to talk to a partner through an entire date.”

2. Developed a Good Sense of Humor

“If I had to pick one thing,” one replied. “I developed a good sense of humor. I did well with the ladies in college, even during my ‘fat guy’ phase. If you’re fun to talk to and don’t look too bad, you’ve got a good starting point.” Another joked, “My motto: the more you make them laugh, the more their eyes are closed, and the less they can see you are ugly.” Seriously though, humor goes far.

3. Got Forklift Certified

“Got forklift certified,” one stated. “Many people are talking about lifting and forking, but you combined those, and that is smart.” Another confessed, “That doesn’t make just women attracted to you. It makes everyone attracted to you.” “On my way home after working nine hours with my forklift. Can confirm,” shared a third.

4. Being Myself

“Being myself,” one admitted. “I stopped trying to be something or someone I wasn’t. Instead, I wore clothing I liked, did things I liked, and acted as I wanted. Doing that attracted the type of person that matched me. So I started that, and a few months later, found a weird girl like me, and we have been together for eight years now (married for four).”

5. Lost Weight

“Lost weight,” shared one. “There was an almost linear increase in women’s interest in me with the weight I lost.” Another said, ” I was in the same boat, except it wasn’t losing weight it was gaining some muscle. All of a sudden, girls were giving me looks and being flirty. Before I started working out, I assumed they wanted nothing to do with me and probably missed some opportunities.”

“Even after working out, it took me some time to realize what was happening.” Finally, someone stated, “Getting leaner. The more fat I dropped, the more my jawline and my v-shape would show. I am now at this point where I get positive attention, and women want me.”

6. Getting a Proper Haircut

Someone said, “Getting a proper haircut. Women love beautiful hair.” Another replied, “Sighs in bald…” “Hey, man, beard up. The bald, beard, and fit combo is a pretty decent look for most guys.”

Finally, another shared, “I love being bald. It’s just having confidence in your look. Are women attracted to a good haircut, or does a good haircut give you confidence? And then they become attracted?”

7. Becoming Someone That I Respect

I worked to become someone I could respect. When you learn to appreciate yourself, other people also start to appreciate you. I wasn’t someone I liked very much when I was younger, and it reflected in my path, the decisions I was making, and my overall demeanor. As I matured, I went over the qualities I needed to work on and worked to improve upon them.”

“A few superficial, but most related to my behavior: cultivating a social circle, becoming a better communicator, striving for a less cynical outlook, taking accountability, etc. I became happier, more confident and outgoing, more empathetic and patient, and overall more pleasant to be around. As a result, I attracted people who would’ve been turned off by the sad sack I used to be.”

8. Quit Caring About Whether They Were Attracted to Me

Someone shared, “Quit caring if they were attracted to me. Once the scent of desperation faded, the women started to arrive.” “Yup. No more sending questions in every text. Refrain from texting back fast or seeming eager.”

“Honestly, the best method is just ‘forgetting’ to text. It’s also an excellent way to determine if a girl is into you. Stop asking questions. Does she text you back, trying to keep the conversation going? If not, who cares? Move on.

9. Moved to America With a British Accent

Someone confessed, “I moved to America and kept my English accent. It truly is like I’ve won some sort of ‘suddenly become more attractive’ lottery, laugh-out-loud.”

Another asked, “Seriously, do the commonwealth guys know about that? So you can be an average British dude, and if you come to the US, women will be like, “Heeeyyyyy, Mr. Bond…. how’s it going?” A third admitted, “Every time I see an American swooning over the English accent, I think “this person has never met someone from Birmingham.”

10. Get Into a Relationship

Of course, most have heard that when you put a wedding ring on, all the women show out. Someone said, “Wait till you get engaged. You’ll have women contacting you from your middle school days. I should have just faked an engagement in high school.”

One suggested, “Women trust other women more than men. So seeing a woman with a man means this man is likely safe and has positive qualities about him.” Another responded, “Yeah, they’re called homewreckers”

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