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The age-old question of “Can money buy you happiness?” has always perplexed humanity. Many people believe most issues can be solved with money, while others insist that more money will only cause problems. A recent online poll asked users if money could truly buy happiness; here are some of the most popular responses.

1. Less Stress

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“It might not buy true happiness, but it can make me less stressed out and feel calmer so I can enjoy that which brings me happiness,” a user said.

2. Offer Opportunities

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“As a disabled person in a wheelchair, money can’t buy happiness, but it can open opportunities and extend my life. So yes and no,” someone said.

3. A Different Kind of Stress

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“This is fascinating. After dealing with rich clients as a caregiver, I found that money brings only a different kind of stress. Get to a certain age or have children, and suddenly it’s a game of defense against the vultures, even worse when your mind goes,” one person said.

4. The Middle Class

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Someone said, “Up to a point, yes. It’s been proven that people in the middle class are happier than those in poverty.”

5. Access To Happiness

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“Money doesn’t buy happiness; it buys access to happiness. You still have to know how to be happy,” someone said.

6. Makes Life Easier

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Someone said, “Money makes life a LOT easier and less stressful. Rich folks often like to deny this, but it’s a fact. It won’t necessarily make you happy, and people can still have other issues, but having money just allows you to avoid a world of struggle.”

7. Born Rich

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“Yes, the only people that say money can’t buy happiness are people who were born rich and are so disconnected from reality they need to invent drama to make themselves feel human,” a person said.

8. Cry in a Mercedes

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Somebody said, “Money might not buy happiness, but it’s a lot easier to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.”

9. The Ultra Rich

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A user said, “It can relieve sources of unhappiness, but there’s a limit. The ultra-rich are not happier than the well-off.”

10. Lack of Money

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A person said, “If every problem in your life is caused by a lack of money, then money will certainly buy you happiness.”

11. Acquire Experiences

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“Money can help me acquire things and experiences that ultimately bring me happiness. So yes, money can and does buy happiness,” a user said.

12. The Anxiety

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A person said, “The only people who say money can’t buy happiness have never woken up with the anxiety of having bills, no money, and not very many ways of getting said money.”

13. Security and Comfort

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Someone said, “Money buys security and comfort, which can lead to happiness, but if you have issues with psychology or mental, then throwing money at it alone won’t cure your depression.”

14. Feel Happier

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“Mostly yes. Because most of the things that make me sad could be solved with money, most people could also afford to see the doctors they need that would help them feel happier,” a person said.

15. Peace of Mind

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“There is not one problem in my life that money COULDN’T fix. So yes, money can buy you happiness and more importantly, peace of mind,” a user said.

16. Activities

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Someone said, “Well, money enables you to do all sorts of activities that make you happy. Doing stuff is expensive, so yes, money can buy happiness.”

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