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Who doesn’t love a good compliment? It can boost your mood and confidence, but when someone special compliments you, it can mean the world. According to a recent poll on the internet, here are some of the best compliments people have ever received from women.

1. Nice Dimples

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A person shared, “Yesterday, I had a 50-something-year-old lady compliment my dimples and thick eyebrows.”

2. Hug Me Longer

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“I like your hugs. Hold me a little longer”. You can bet my chin went right on her head, and a slight squeeze happened,” someone shared.

3. Stand Taller

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A person confessed, “She told me to stand taller and said, “You are a beautiful person, be proud of who you are.”

4. Bought Flowers

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“Alright, this is gonna sound a little goofy, but I had a girl buy me flowers once, and let me tell you, it was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen,” someone exclaimed.

5. Most of the Qualities

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“My ex told me I have most of the qualities she looks for in a partner. She said it while breaking up with me, but still was the best compliment I’ve received,” someone confessed.

6. Future Father

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“You will be a great dad.” My dad left our family at a young age, and I grew up with a single mother. Sometimes I” m afraid that I’ve missed some life lesson that only a father could teach. That compliment really did brighten up my soul,” someone said.

7. You Remind Me

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A user mentioned, “Just the other day, I sauntered into the gas station, and the lady that rang me up told me I remind her of Sam Rockwell. “You’re handsome, and it’s like everything you do is a dance.”

8. Make Them Feel Beautiful

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“My wife and a previous partner of mine both told me that I made them feel beautiful when I touched them intimately. I think about that often,” a person confessed.

9. Nice-Smelling Sweat

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“My eyelashes got complimented. And my smell after a hard workout at the gym. She said it was the cleanest, nicest-smelling sweat,” a person exclaimed.

10. Handsome in Blue

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“You look very handsome in your blue shirt; they match your eyes” I kept that shirt and wore it many times for a decade later until it had noticeable rips,” someone said.

11. Very Few People

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A person said, “From my ex-girlfriend, a year after we broke up: “There are very few people in this world who are lucky enough to find a partner that treats them half as good as you treated me.”

12. Beautiful Eyes

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“To be fair, most guys hardly ever get compliments, but I think my best compliment would be the very generic “Oh, I love your eyes” or something like that,” someone shared.

13. Missed You

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Someone said, “If you can, be there when he gets home. Smile, hug him, and say, “Glad you’re back; I missed you.”

14. Keep it Up

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“I’ve been on a weight loss after putting on a bit after my separation and had next doors receptionist come up and say, “Whatever you are doing is working for you; keep it up” We had probably only talked twice last couple of years before that,” a person divulged.

15. Proud of You

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“When my girlfriend says “I’m proud of you.” That genuinely makes me feel so appreciated and wanted. I think about it pretty regularly whenever I need motivation or I’m feeling down,” a person said.

16. Like a God

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“Recently, my girlfriend looked at me and casually said, ‘You do look like an Egyptian god.’ I smile every time I think of this,” someone confessed.

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