What is a show you don’t understand the hype over but is widely popular? I’ll go first. I don’t understand Cheers and Frasier being so beloved. I realize those are older shows, but I don’t understand the fuss. So, after polling the internet, here are 25 top-voted shows they don’t understand being hyped. 

1. Friends

Chandler Bing from Friends
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

Friends,” another replied. “As someone who doesn’t enjoy sitcoms mostly, I didn’t understand Friends either. So I asked the people around me who did, and they just said, ‘Oh, it’s funny,’ and there’s the whole ‘will they or won’t they?’ dynamic. Lame.”

2. The Big Bang Theory

Image from the TV show The Big Bang Theory
Image Credit: Photo by ADAM TAYLOR – ©2011 Warner Bros. Television.

The Big Bang Theory. It’s like someone threw a bunch of nerd stereotypes in a hat, pulled one out for every scene, and then forgot to write a punchline for it. So, look how nerdy and awkward I am, pause for a laugh track,” confessed one. 

3. Wednesday

Image from the TV show Wednesday
Image Credit: Netflix.

Wednesday, aka Goth Teen Aubry Plaza, goes to Hogwarts and solves Scooby-Doo mysteries,” claimed one. Another suggested, “It’s just a knock-off of the That’s So Raven show which was way better.”

4. Game of Thrones

Image from the TV show Game of Thrones
Image Credit: HBO.

Game of Thrones. I don’t get thy hype, and I tried,” claimed one. A second shared, “I read the first book in high school because the guy I liked enjoyed it. I didn’t even finish it. I’m never picking it back up again and will not watch it.

5. Love Island

Image from the show Love Island
Image Credit: Image Credit: ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

Love Island. A bunch of vain half-naked idiots being watched by idiots,” suggested one. Another confessed their grandparents were addicted to the show. 

6. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Image from the Hulu TV series The Kardashians
Image Credit: Hulu/Disney+ (on behalf of STAR.)

Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The show can’t be upvoted enough,” one expressed. Others agreed that reality TV, in general, is trash but heavily emphasized their dislike for the Kardashian and Jenner clan. 

7. Mad Men

Image from the TV show Mad Men
Image Credit: AMC.

Mad Men. More like – mad boring,” confessed one. “I also cannot get over the fact that Elizabeth Moss is a Scientologist. It makes her so much less appealing.”

8. Big Mouth

Image from the TV show Big Mouth
Image Credit: Netflix.

“Probably Big Mouth. It had substantial popularity surges for a while, but it’s just a bad show and art style, in my opinion. I also always found it disturbing, to be honest,” confessed one. Another added, “I feel like if you watch it, you’ll get put on a list.”

9. The Office

Image Credit: NBC Universal.

One user claimed, “The Office. It’s unwatchable, and I’ll never understand the hype.” “Same,” admitted another. “My friends overhyped it, so when we sat down to watch, they’re all giggling, and I’m like, “am I missing the funny? Michael Scott is deplorable.” Others suggested that the U.S. version was terrible but that the U.K. Office with Ricky Gervais was funny.

10. Gilmore Girls

Image from the TV show Gilmore Girls
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

Gilmore Girls. It’s designed to keep you engaged with how badly everyone in that show throws away their life but keeps getting ahead through privilege. Except for Paris, who has done nothing wrong ever,” one alleged. 

11. Breaking Bad

Image from the TV show Breaking Bad
Image Credit: Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television.

Someone volunteered, “Breaking Bad. Just not my cup of tea.” A second stated, “Agreed. I’d turn on any local news if I wanted to watch people do awful things because of meth.”

12. Warrior Nun

Image Credit: Netflix.

Warrior Nun,” voiced one. “I see comments on many Netflix-related posts pushing for renewing Warrior Nun, and I just don’t get it. I tried watching the show, but I quit after the third episode. It just feels like a bland, mediocre show.”

13. Stranger Things

Image from the TV show Stranger Things
Image Credit: Netflix.

Stranger Things. It’s so boring,” suggested one. “My husband and I watched the whole first season, waiting for the show to improve. It never did.” Others agreed that Stranger Things was an overhyped show. 

14. Seinfeld

Image from the TV show Seinfeld
Image Credit: NBC/NBC Universal.

“The correct answer is Seinfeld. I don’t understand the big hype over a show about nothing. Literally, nothing,” shared one. Several others agreed Seinfeld was overhyped, while one batted for George Costanza.”

15. Star Wars Shows

Image from a Star Wars show
Image Credit: Lucasfilm Disney Platform Distribution.

One person generically lumped all Star Wars shows into one by dismissing them as something they don’t understand. However, others jumped in to defend Andor, Star Wars Rebels, and The Clone Wars

16. Rick and Morty

Image from the show Rick and Morty
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

One person expressed, “Rick and Morty or anything that the voice actor has made like that video game he did recently. It’s all the same joke repeatedly or something awful for the sake of the shock factor.” Another added, “Rick and Morty is a sophisticated deep show for dumb people.”

17. 1899

Image from the TV show 1899
Image Credit: Netflix.

1899. The premise looked good, great production values as well. But I somehow could not care for any of the characters. It felt hollow,” admitted one. A second stated, “Agreed – especially coming from Dark, where we did have a connection to the characters right from season one.”

18. The Walking Dead

Image from the TV show The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC Film Holdings LLC.

The Walking Dead. I honestly think it’s one of the worst-written popular TV shows. The writers literally cannot advance the plot without randomly killing a character. Like, they don’t know how,” one suggested. “I liked it until the plot started recycling itself,” another confessed.

19. Attack on Titan

Image from the TV show Attack on Titan
Image Credit: NA ‎Kodansha USA.

Attack on Titan,” one answered. “They hype it up as an ‘anyone can die’ anime, then kill everyone except the main characters every season in brutal ways to try and give shock value. However, the premise is interesting, and the overall story is passable.”

“Still, it relies so much on shock and violence that I stopped even attempting to care about characters because there’s a 90% chance they die the next episode.”

20. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Image from the TV show Brooklyn Nine Nine
Image Credit: NBCUniversal Television Distribution.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” shared one. “The characters are obnoxious, and it gets too ‘message-y’ in the last few seasons.” Others agreed that the characters were over-the-top. 

21. Riverdale

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

Riverdale. Thank goodness it was the last season this year. I don’t know when season six ended, but seven is the final season for Riverdale, and it’s about time.” Others noted it was nothing like the Archie comics they remembered fondly.

22. The Witcher

Image Credit: Netflix.

The Witcher. I’m an absolute fan of the book series and the games. When I see how failed that show is in writing and conveying any sense of the scale of that giant world, it hurts,” confessed one. “So seeing people enjoying it puzzles me. Don’t get me wrong, good for them. But it sucks SOOOOOO bad.”

23. House of the Dragon

Image from the TV show House of the Dragon
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

House of the Dragon – was just boring after episode two. It didn’t feel like the characters were the same after the time skips, it felt like a petty drama at times that didn’t have the weight and crazy power plays like Game of Thrones. I don’t know how it’s so well received!”

24. 24

Image from the TV show 24
Image Credit: 20th Television.

Someone volunteered, “24. I only tried watching it in the last five years, but after seven episodes, I figured I’d tried hard enough with it to keep going, and I love Kiefer Sutherland.”

25. Yellowstone

Image Credit: Paramount Network.

Yellowstone,” replied one. “Oh my God, THANK YOU! I love Westerns generally, but I don’t get the appeal. It’s not as good as Hell on Wheels or Deadwood, and I feel neither of them had as much hype,” a final user commented.

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