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We all love a great success story. The underdog comes from nothing and works hard to build up their future for success. Whether factual or fictional, a success story touches the heart. Sometimes through misunderstandings, outright lies, or misleading statements, some rags-to-riches stories aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. People shared their thoughts in a popular online forum; here are some of the most popular rags-to-riches stories they found to be slightly questionable.

1. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner
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“Didn’t Kylie Jenner get an award for ‘youngest self-made billionaire’ or something ridiculous when we all know she didn’t do that herself,” someone said.

2. Drake

Rapper Drake
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A person said, “Drake, who grew up in a “ghetto” (in Canada) yet could afford to play hockey as a kid, was on TV at 15 because of connections, and his first concert was as the opening for Ice Cube.”

3. Ed Sheeran

Musician Ed Sheeran
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“There was even a false story he was “homeless” in his early career, no doubt pushed by his record label. Reality: he went to private school and had rich parents,” a user said.

4. Jeff Bezos

Billionaire Jeff Bezos
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“Jeff Bezos was a hedge fund manager and VP at a banking firm before he founded Amazon. His grandparents were well-to-do energy politicians,” a person said.

5. Stelios Haji-lannou

Easy Jet plane
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“When Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of Easy Jet, was asked what was the secret to becoming a multi-millionaire, he answered, Having a father who is a multi-billionaire,” someone shared.

6. Bill Gates

Billionaire Bill Gates
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“His mother was the child of a banker who was the child of a Federal Reserve chairman. She was also on the board of IBM, the University of Washington, a major bank, and United Way. His father was a lawyer,” a person said.

7. Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump
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“Trump used to claim that he got his start with “a small loan of 1 million dollars,” but in fact, he was given over 400 million dollars and a Manhattan real estate portfolio worth nearly a billion dollars,” someone said.

8. Cinderella

Cinderella walking down the grand stairway
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

A user said, “She never lost her wealth technically. She was already a high-class lady and was never poor.”

9. Billie Eilish

Musician Billie Eilish
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“People think she did it herself as a young teen, but her family has been in the industry for years.,” a person said.

10. The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond on her cooking show The Pioneer Woman
Image Credit: Food Network.

“Not remembering full specifics here, but she’s always made it sound like she’s just a downhome country gal type thing when her family was like 12th largest landowner in Oklahoma and “Marlboro Man’s” family was 8th largest in Oklahoma,” someone said.

11. Mao Zedong

Chinese politician Mao Zedong
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“His father was a very wealthy farmer. As a matter of fact, the wealthiest of his region,” someone said.

12. Anthony Kiedis

Singer Anthony Kiedis
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“I had an ‘oh.’ moment when I learned that the lead singer from The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ childhood babysitter was both Sunny and Cher,” someone said.

13. Ariana Grande

Singer Ariana Grande
Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins via Shutterstock.

“She had a ton, A TON, of support and funding from her family and peers since childhood within the theatre and entertainment industry,” someone said.

14. Elon Musk

Entrepreneur Elon Musk
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A person said, “He is an apartheid trust fund baby. He plays the rags to riches card to obscure his past because he isn’t proud.”

15. Naruto

Naruto action figures
Image Credit: Aisyaqilumaranas via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “Turns out he’s the son of the former Hokage, has one of the strongest bloodlines in history, also is a reincarnation of the son of a literal god, and has the second strongest tailed-beast sealed inside of him from literally day one.”

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