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Have you ever had a random thought about a celebrity? Wondering what they do in their free time or how they plan their dinners? Well, in a recent online poll, it was asked what people ponder most about pop culture, and here are the top results.

1. Awkward Scenes

Mature newlywed couple with kids
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Someone wondered, “How awkward was it between Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington during the filming of Sherlock when they were in the middle of a divorce, and their characters were portrayed as newlyweds with a kid?”

2. Who Had What Done?

Women getting plastic surgery facial treatments
Image Credit: Africa Studio via Shutterstock.

“I’m always so curious about what treatments they get and how often they get them done. Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, and Emma Watson all look so youthful and rejuvenated now. It’s like they took ten years off,” a person inquired.

3. Strange Obsessions

Singer Whitney Houston
Image Credit: s_bukley via Shutterstock.

“I recently found out that Osama Bin Laden was OBSESSED with Whitney Houston, and I think about it all the time,” someone exclaimed.

4. Fan Accounts

Someone scrolling Instagram on their phone
Image Credit: ulyana_andreeva via Shutterstock.

“What do celebs think about fan accounts? Are they flattered? Are they weirded out? A little of both? What does it feel like to be constantly tagged in edits and that kind of stuff?” someone questioned.

5. The Olsen Twins

Actresses Ashley and MaryKate Olsen
Image Credit: verett Collection via Shutterstock.

“I would give anything for one or both of them to write a really “real” tell-all book at some point. Their home life, the child acting gigs, their teen years, their party girl stint, THE ROW. They’ve lived so many lives, and I’ve been such a big fan for so long that I’m just dying to hear their own take on any of it,” somebody shared.

6. Stage Names

Actors Preparing to take a bow on stage
Image Credit: Frame Stock Footage via Shutterstock.

Somebody said, “I often wonder about celebrities that go by a stage name or their middle names. Like do their friends and families call them by their stage names/ middle names, or do they call them by their actual name?”

7. One Direction

Band One Direction
Image Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency via Shutterstock.

“I think about whether Zayn is jealous of Harry’s solo career success and who he still keeps in touch with from One Direction,” someone questioned.

8. Day-to-Day

Wealthy woman walking to a private plane
Image Credit: Yaroslav Astakhov via Shutterstock.

“I wonder a lot about the day-to-day of celebrities. What chores do they do? How often are they home vs traveling? How much actual free time do they have? When they have multiple homes, how long do they stay at each, and what do they keep there?” someone wondered.

9. Dark Secrets

Woman in the dark with her finger to her mouth like she has a secret
Image Credit: Vladimir Gjorgiev via Shutterstock.

“I know there are dark secrets in Hollywood, and I just spend time wondering which celebrities are naive to it and who have seen the worst. I always felt like Leonardo DiCaprio and Drew Barrymore would be celebrities to see the worst of it,” someone wondered.

10. Fake Accents

Woman holding her hand to her ear with flags from different countries showing
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A user said, “Sometimes I lay in bed and wonder if Taylor’s mock country accent ever haunts her in the middle of the night because if that were me, it would haunt me!”

11. Bride Wars

Woman in wedding dress with a bouquet and screaming into a cell phone
Image Credit: Ljupco Smokovski via Shutterstock.

“Random, but I’m watching Bride Wars right now (Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson), and I’m so confused why one of them had to give up their wedding date over the other bride when they were in the wedding planner’s office first,” a person questioned.

12. Fan Thoughts

Crowd freaking out to see a celebrity
Image Credit: Altrendo Images via Shutterstock.

“I would love to hear a top celebrity honestly talk about how they feel about their fans. I would think any sane person would feel a certain amount of disgust toward people who treat you like a literal god, but they all know better than to say that out loud,” someone said.

13. What Really Happened?

Cast of Sex and the City
Image Credit: vipflash via Shutterstock.

“I’ve always wondered about what really happened between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall. Lots of stories about Kim being mad about how much she was making Sarah mad about Kim’s popularity,” a person said.

14. Priscilla Presley

Celebrity Pricilla Presley
Image Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency via Shutterstock.

“What really went into Priscilla Presley’s face? And was it immediately that she knew it was a mess? And does she get upset daily about it because she was soo beautiful,” a user wondered?

15. The Logistics

Hollywood set filming on a street
Image Credit: FlashStudio via Shutterstock.

A person inquired, “The logistics of filming in a different city. Which actors get put into hotels, who have to pay for their travel and hotel on their own, and do they stay with the crew? If they move fully to that city, how do they find a place so quickly? Do they rent or buy a property? Do they get money upfront for a season?”

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