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There’s no doubt about it: times are hard. Some say we are doing worse right now than the great depression. People try hard to make extra cash by working overtime and finding second or third jobs. But what if you had an additional $1900 a month coming in? Where would you spend it? Or would you save it? Recently, people in a popular online forum shared how they would spend an additional $1900; here’s what they had to say…

1. Safety Net

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“I would build a safety net. I doubt I would go on a major spending spree, but I would relax much more. I would stop always volunteering to work overtime to make ends meet,” someone said.

2. No Worrying

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“Live the dream of being able to put my bills on autopay and not have to worry about what “I don’t need this week” from the grocery store,” someone dreamed.

3. Retirement Fund

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“Retirement. Fund. I can already live with what I have; another $22,800 today, put away for an extended period, means you’ll get to live part of your life not working,” someone explained.

4. Comfortable

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“Pay off debts and look for a bigger space for my mom and me. She’s not in the best of health anymore, and I want to make her as comfortable as possible,” a person expressed.

5. Save a Little

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Someone said, “Pay my bills. $1900 between mortgage, power, and utilities would cover everything, and there would be enough to save a little. Wouldn’t be glam, but wouldn’t lose the house either.”

6. Solo Vacation

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“First, pay off my debt. Then, I would take a much-needed solo vacation to wherever. After that, save, so it makes me more money,” someone fantasized.

7. Replace

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“I would buy things I need without feeling guilt for straining the already tight budget. I would replace worn-out items before they have been mended so many times they can’t be fixed anymore,” a person explained.

8. Airline Ticket

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Somebody said, “Buy an airline ticket to see my dad – I haven’t seen him in 5 years & he is 78 years old now.”

9. Down Payment

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“Act like I don’t get it and put it directly into savings every month until I could put a down payment on a house anyway,” someone strategized.

10. Take Care of My Health

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“I have bad health issues, so I’d care for myself better. I’m not able to do that now, but I have to restrict a lot of things in order to do that,” a person explained.

11. Pay for Medication

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“I would give it to my stepmom so she could continue on her expensive medication to be able not to dread the next day,” someone said.

12. Dental

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“Start taking all my teeth out and get dentures. I’m 31, and I have so many broken-off teeth and chipped and broken ones that they all gotta go because of decay,” a person explained.

13. Survive

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“I’d be able to breathe and not have to work a certain amount of overtime, and my wife could go part-time to be home with our dogs. Be able actually to survive,” someone mentioned.

14. Son’s Savings

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“Put it in my son’s savings. He’s 9, and it’s only open to him when he’s 18. Of course, with teens these days, I’ll probably have the bank change that to 30 or something,” a person planned.

15. My Dream

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“Pay off my student loans in 40 weeks. Then buy land to start my dream of an abandoned farm animal rescue,” somebody explained.

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