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It’s generally considered “frowned upon” to have an intimate relationship with your boss, yet plenty of women give it a go anyway. Sure, sometimes, it ends in heartbreak, but sometimes, it actually works out in the end. Recently, women who have been in this situation shared about their experience in an online forum; here is what they had to say about their experiences.

1. I Was Heartbroken

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“He was 32. I was 22. He cheated on me with another coworker who was 19. I was heartbroken at the time,” someone said.

2. He’s a Great Father

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“Two kids now, 17yrs and 14yrs. Split up when youngest was six months after being together seven years. We fell out of love, not friendship – couldn’t have wished for a better father to my children,” one woman shared.

3. He Became too Emotional

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Someone said, “He fell in love with me and could no longer separate work and personal affairs (he was able to before then.) His decisions became increasingly emotionally driven. It was horrible.”

4. A Rocky Start

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A person shared, “It was rocky at first because it was sometimes hard to separate work stress from our relationship, but after we quit our job for better opportunities, things got a lot better for us. Six years later, we’re still together, so you could say it hasn’t ended.”

5. It Was Embarrassing

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“Everyone at work found out. Still not sure how to this day. I was called a wh**e behind my back, and I found out everyone had been talking about the situation and me. My boss had to transfer locations. It was embarrassing. I no longer work there for unrelated reasons,” someone said.

6. He’s Being Unreasonable

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Someone said, “Just had our fifth wedding anniversary. We’re two years into a nasty divorce, and he’s being unreasonable.”

7. I Changed Jobs

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“I dated my team leader. I shifted teams when we got more serious, as I couldn’t be a direct report anymore. I changed jobs when we got a house together. I am now a stay-at-home parent to our daughter,” somebody said.

8. I Quit My Job

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“The first time, it didn’t end well. Both got fired. The second time I dated my boss for three months, people at work didn’t know. I’m currently in a six-year relationship with my boss from six years ago. People started to notice we were together, so I quit my job so neither of us would randomly get fired,” someone shared.

9. We Drifted Apart

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“A decade ago, we had a hot ten-month fling before he switched accounts, and we kind of drifted apart. We still get on well enough, and sometimes he asks me to do jobs for him if I’m available,” someone said.

10. It Got Awkward

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A person said, “It just got really awkward. We were intimate a couple of times. I wanted to carry on, and he didn’t.”

11. I Married Him

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Someone shared, “I married him. We were married for 31 years, had two kids together, and lived happily until his death two years ago.”

12. There Was No Chance

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“He fell in love with me. We 1000000% were so stupid to get involved. We both were separated from our spouses in the middle of divorces. Once I told him there was no chance of us being together, I just wanted to get laid,” someone said.

13. Slight Overlap

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“He was taking over as GM of a different store when we finally slept together, so it wasn’t a huge overlap. But we slept together the first night he found out he was being promoted and leaving, and the secrecy for a month was fire,” somebody said.

14. I Got a Promotion

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A person shared, “Going on ten years together, almost two years married, and our daughter just turned 1. I also got that promotion!”

15. He Lashed Out

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“Oh, it was awful. He was in a very high position and terrified of being caught, which led to him lashing out at me at work. Someone noticed the behavior change and reported him,” a person shared.

16. Young and Dumb

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“I was 19, and he was 29. I know, I know, in hindsight, this was not ok. Being young and dumb, I thought I was so grown up when, in fact, I had no business with someone that age or someone who was my manager,” somebody said.

17. Joint Retirement

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A person shared, “My parents met at work. My mom was his secretary. She remained working for him/his company in various roles until they retired together. Another fun fact, my mom is the older one!”

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