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Some actors and actresses shine so brightly with their raw talent. They’ve worked hard to get into the spotlight and gain recognition. Sometimes, though, there are some who come with an upper hand on getting their foot in the door. It’s always a hot debate on which stars can thank nepotism for their success or which ones would have made it on their own accord. A recent online poll asked, “Which nepo baby do you think would have been able to make it without their family ties?” Here are some of the most popular answers.

1. Whitney Houston

Singer Whitney Houston
Image Credit: s_bukley via Shutterstock.

“I feel this way about Whitney Houston. Crazy talented, but even she said that coming from a famous family helped her. Her mother and cousin opened doors for her in the music industry, but also told her that she would have to stand on her own talent once they did their part,” a user said.

2. Drew Barrymore

Actress Drew Barrymorre
Image Credit: a katz via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “I also think probably Drew Barrymore as well. I mean, I know Spielberg could have hired any cute kid, but she seems like she would have gotten discovered if she kept going.”

3. Miley Cyrus

Singer Miley Cyrus
Image Credit: Tinseltown via Shutterstock.

”Not to say that Miley would have, but it’s not unheard of. Just exceedingly rare. I don’t think she would have been Hannah Montana, but she might have managed to get a record deal if she had retained that voice,” one person mentioned.

4. Gigi Hadid

Model GiGi Hadid
Image Credit: Sky Cinema via Shutterstock.

A user shared, “That’s like Gigi Hadid being a model because not only was her mom one. But her dad being so rich meant that their neighbor was Paul Marciano.”

5. Mariska Hargitay

Actress Mariska Hargitay
Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins via Shutterstock.

One person answered, “Mariska Hargitay is and will forever be that girl!!! Nepotism baby but is super talented, and I think her fame would’ve always been a thing for her.”

6. Julia Louis Dreyfus

Actress Julia Louis Dreyfus
Image Credit: lev radin via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “This was going to be my vote; people don’t even realize she’s a nepotism baby.”

Another person agreed and said, “The best kind of nepotism baby is the ones that people don’t realize are nepotism babies!”

7. Jeff Bridges

Actor Jeff Bridges
Image Credit: Tinseltown via Shutterstock.

A person said, “Jeff Bridges strikes me as being talented enough to have made it anyway – can’t imagine anyone else being ‘The Dude’ now.”

8. Angelina Jolie

Actress Angelina Jolie
Image Credit: Tinseltown via Shutterstock.

“The only one I’m certain of is Angelina Jolie. She’s too stunning to not have made it, she might have had to go the modeling to acting route though, but because of how she looks, I think she’d still have found fame somehow,” one user mentioned.

9. Ben Stiller

Actor Ben Stiller
Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins via Shutterstock.

“He wrote and directed Zoolander and Tropic Thunder. He directed Reality Bites and The Cable Guy, among other films. His sketch comedy show, “The Ben Stiller Show,” won an Emmy. And he’s directed several episodes of, and produced, Escape at Dannemora and Severance. He’s done a lot of extraordinary work,” someone said.

10. Robert Downey Jr.

Actor Robert Downey, Jr.
Image Credit: ILya Soldatkin via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “Robert Downey Jr. His father is nowhere near as well known, but Robert Downey Sr. was an innovative and highly regarded filmmaker.”

11. Jamie Lee Curtis

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis
Image Credit: Tinseltown via Shutterstock.

A user said, “I didn’t know she was a nepotism baby until pretty recently. I always thought she made it in Hollywood based on her talent, role choices, and that “it factor.” She just strikes me as a smart and driven person who was going to make it one way or another.”

12. Jakob Dylan

Musician Jakob Dylan
Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers. A talented musician in his own right. Of course, growing up around music certainly cultivated this, but overall, I think he could’ve done it without his father.”

13. Riley Keough

Actress Riley Keough
Image Credit: Jaguar PS via Shutterstock.

“Riley Keough. She’s a legitimately good actress,” a person said.

Another agreed, adding, “Wow, I had no idea she was Elvis’ granddaughter. Again, I only know her from Daisy Jones and the Six, which I saw very recently.”

14. Elizabeth Olsen

Actress Elizabeth Olsen
Image Credit: DFree via Shutterstock.

“I think Elizabeth Olsen would have made it as an actress even if her sisters weren’t A-List famous. Not sure if she counts as a nepotism baby, but nepotism sibling seems close enough!” someone shared.

15. Sean Astin

Actor Sean Astin
Image Credit: Miro Vrlik Photography via Shutterstock.

One user replied, “Sean Astin. I’ve loved everything he’s been in, and I don’t think his parents had anything to do with it. He was a really good child actor, and he made it into a career. I don’t think kids can fake it, and a director will absolutely choose the kid that can carry the movie, not the famous name.”

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