Image from the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

We all have that go-to movie that we can watch over and over; it just never gets old. We may have memorized it line for line, or it brings back the warm fuzzy feelings of the past. Check out this list of movies people admit they love watching on repeat.

1. Lord of the Rings (2002)

Image from the movie Lord of the Rings
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

Someone said, “The cheap movie theater near my house played the extended edition of The Fellowship yesterday. It was incredible watching it on the big screen.”

2. Christmas Vacation (1989)

Image from the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

One person replied, “It’s a yearly tradition at my house.”

Another person agreed, saying, “We start Thanksgiving weekend every year with this movie.”

3. The 5th Element (1997)

Image from the movie The Fifth Element
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“It never ages or gets old, and those are two separate things,” a user said.

Another user agreed and added, ”Me too, watched it a million times, and it will never get old.”

4. Star Wars (1977)

Yoda from Star Wars
Image Credit: Anton_Ivanov via Shutterstock.

One user confessed, “I was 15 when it came out. It was made for me, personally. I saw it twice on the first day and 20 times during the first month. I couldn’t say how many times I’ve seen it since. I rewatch the first three episodes about once a year now.“

5. Back to the Future (1985)

Image from the movie Back to the Future
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

“I watch it every night while going to bed for years. I know all the lines for like the first 30 minutes at least,” one person admitted.

6. Wizard of Oz (1939)

Image from the movie The Wizard of Oz
Image Credit: Warner Home Video.

“Every year like clockwork! As a kid and my mom loved it when the Wizard of Oz would be on TV. It was a little tradition for us. Ice cream and the Wizard of Oz,” one user commented.

7. Blues Brothers (1980)

Image from the movie Blues Brothers
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

“A few months ago, my younger brother, who is currently eleven, watched it at least once a day for about two months. I think, at most, he watched it three times a day on multiple occasions. He was ridiculously obsessed.”

8. Hot Fuzz (2007)

Image from the movie Hot Fuzz
Image Credit: Rogue Pictures.

“It was on Netflix for a long time. Every time I was scrolling through their library and couldn’t decide what to watch, I just put on Hot Fuzz,” one person replied.

9. The Goonies (1985)

Image from the movie The Goonies
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

The Goonies without question. Me and my sister watched it around 200 times when we were kids, and I have probably seen it over 100 times more as an adult. Definitely my favorite comfort movie,” a user said.

10. Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Image from the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Someone said, “I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show just about every week during my Jr and Sr years of high school. I can’t imagine having seen any other movie more.”

11. Holes (2003)

Image from the movie Holes
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios.

Another user commmented, “Once told my friend I could watch Holes every day for a week and not get tired of it. He took me up on it.”

12. Elf (2003)

Image from the movie Elf
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

“Growing up, I watched it every year at Christmas and basically whenever it was on TV. I can’t help but quote it sometimes, especially the “World’s Greatest Coffee” bit,” someone shared.

13. Aliens (1986)

Image from the movie Aliens
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

“Recorded it on my VCR when I was like ten and played the hell out of it, then got Special Edition, then DVD, and now both versions on MA >30 years later. Love this movie and most of the franchise.”

14. Batman (1989)

Image from the movie Batman
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Batman – the Michael Keaton original movie. I memorized every line of that movie. “This town needs an enema!.”

15. Harry Potter (2001)

Image from the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

One person mentioned, “My sister and I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets way too much than we should have. Like we would know every line in that movie. I didn’t even know my schoolwork like that.”

16. Jurassic Park (1993)

Jurassic Park gates
Image Credit: Alex Cimbal via Shutterstock.

A user said, “It’s aged very well story-wise and FX. One of my favorite endings in a summer blockbuster also.”

17. Tommy Boy (1995)

Image from the movie Tommy Boy
Image Credit: Paramount HE.

Tommy Boy, No matter how many times I’ve seen it, the combination of Chris Farley and David Spade never gets old. Some serious laughs are always had; I’ve probably seen more than 30 times.,” someone said.

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