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With all the advances in our society in the last century, many new types of technology have emerged. Some are not so helpful and just are a money grab, while others have surprisingly changed our lives forever. Here are some technological advancements we never knew we needed but now couldn’t imagine living without.

1. GPS

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Before GPS came out, people used to carry maps around with them when traveling. They had to go out and purchase a map of areas they had never been before. Now, we have all the maps of the world at our fingertips, along with travel times, notifications about traffic, and more.

2. YouTube

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Not only is it great for entertainment, but the amount of knowledge available on YouTube is enormous. Before YouTube, people had to rely on learning from someone they knew or attending a class to learn, but now you can find a video teaching you how to do almost anything on YouTube. And the best part is it’s FREE!

3. Smart Phones

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Cell phones have been around for a while, but more recently, the advancement of smartphones has changed people’s lives. Now, there are games, education, video calling, and the ability to find the answers to any possible question at our fingertips!

4. Graphic Design Programs

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Previously, people used to use chartpak and glue, which can be time-consuming. Now, everything is done by drag-and-drop programs and gives us the ability to share designs digitally.

5. Pharmaceuticals

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The advancements over the last 100 years have been life-changing for the health of millions of people. Our quality of life, longevity, and life expectancy has all improved thanks to the advancements of modern medicine.

6. Indoor Plumbing, Electricity, and Refrigeration

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Believe it or not, parts of the South and other areas didn’t have access to these amenities until the late 1950s. Although it is a basic necessity of living now, this wasn’t the case only a few decades ago.

7. Cameras on Cars

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The addition of cameras on cars to assist in parking and backing up helped remove blind spots for drivers. The cameras can also alert drivers when a person or object is in their field of motion.

8. Detergent

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Before the advancements in stain removal, parents had to work much harder to prevent their kids from getting their clothing dirty. Today, it’s not much trouble; we simply toss it in the machine with a pod, and it comes out clean..easy peasy!

9. Banking

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Before online banking, people had to go into their branch if they wanted to deposit checks or move money from one account to another. Now, it can be all done from the comfort of home or on the go.

10. Household Chores

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With technological advancements and the invention of many gadgets, household chores are getting easier. There are dishwashers, automated vacuum cleaners, and steam-cleaning devices that help us save more time than ever before.

11. Music

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Not only has how we listen to music changed, but also who can make music has. All the advancements have made it that much easier for the average person to record their music and post it online for everyone to hear.

12. Air Conditioning

Air conditioning unit
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Not until recently has air conditioning been available to the masses. The house or building would need to have it built in. Now, there are so many different types of units to choose from. Many units can be moved easily so any room can be cooled.

13. Watches

Man wearing smartwatch
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Watches have advanced a lot over the years, from needing a battery to being solar-charged. Now, smart watches allow us to take calls, text, and monitor our heart health.

14. Audiobooks

Man sitting on a chair listening to an audiobook on headphones
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Audiobooks have been around for a while. However, they have gotten a way broader selection in the last few years, as well as improved sound quality.

15. Online Shopping

Woman shopping online for clothing
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Just 15 years ago, the selection for online shopping was lackluster, at best. Now, almost every popular retailer has an online store. Companies like Amazon have also made quick delivery times such a priority that many people don’t even bother heading into brick-and-mortar stores as often.

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